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Content Outline

1. Introduction:

The lesson defines and illustrates PMBOK® Guide. Covers the study on how project and project management study differs from operational work. Studying the relationship of the project with the organizational goals covering how the project helps in achieving the strategic goals of the organization.

Topics Covered
Project program portfolio Definition
Project and Project management
Program Management
Portfolio Management
Project program portfolio & Operations
Project Life Cycle
Components of the Guide
Project Management Processes
Project Management Process Group
Project Management Knowledge Area
Project Management Data and Information

Environment in which project operates:

The lesson illustrates how the organization’s culture and structure impacts project execution. It also discusses the role of a PMO in an Organization.

Topics covered
EEF – Enterprise Envrionmental Factors
OPA – Organizational Process Assest
Organizational systems
Management Elements
PMO- Project Management Office

3. Role of the Project Manager Project

The chapter gives the brief about the critical role played by a project manager in the leadership of a project team in order to achieve the project’s objectives. This role is clearly visible throughout the project. Mostly project managers become involved in a project from its initiation through closing. However, sometimes, a project manager may be involved in evaluation and analysis activities prior to project initiation.

Topics covered
Role of a Project Manager
Project characteristics
Project Manager Competancies
Management and Leadership
Various forms of power
Performing Integration

4. Project Integration Management:

Learning process – how to go about starting, planning, executing, monitoring and closing of the project. A detailed study on how to do integrated changes management in a project.

Topics Covered
Develop Project Charter
Develop Project Management Plan
Develop Project Management Plan Data Flow
Develop Project Management Plan vs Project Documents
Direct and Manage Project Work
Manage Project Knowledge
Monitor and Control Project Work
Perform Integrated Change Control
Close Project or Phase

5. Project Scope Management:

Why scope management is important; Learning the knowledge area and list of processes used for capturing, elaborating, controlling and validating the project requirements. What are the Scope Creep and its negative impact on the project?

Topics Covered
Project Scope Management Life Cycle
Project Scope Management Product vs project scope
Tailoring Considerations
Trends and Emerging Practices in Project Scope Management
Requirements Vs Scope
Collect Requirements -Inputs T& T and Outputs
Data Gathering
Decision Making
Data Representation
Interpersonal and Team Skills
Context diagram prototype
Requirement Documentation
Requirement Traceability Matrix
Define Scope Inputs T&T Outputs
Gold Plating Scope Creep
Create WBS inputs TT and outputs
WBS -Work Package, Planning, Control Account, WBS Dictionary
Validate Scope inputs TT and Outputs
Control Scope inputs TT and Outputs

6. Project Schedule management:

The lesson offers a critical study in project time management; detailed study in defining activities, dependencies, Project schedule diagrams, Estimate activity resources, critical path. A descriptive analysis of the other scheduling techniques like critical chain is given and learning schedule compression techniques.

Topics Covered
Plan schedule Management inputs TT Outputs
Schedule planning overview
Scheduling overview
Tailoring Consideration
Trends and Emerging Practices
Precedence diagramming method
Dependencies determination
Leads and Lags
Project Schedule network diagram
Estimate Activity Duration Input TT Outputs
Estimate Activity Duration
Estimate Activity Duration Estimation Techniques
Estimate Activity Duration Reserve Analysis
Develop Schedule ITTO
Schedule Network Analysis SS
Critical Path Method
Resource Optimization
Project Schedule
Data Analysis
Agile Release Planning
Control Schedule Agile
Control Schedule ITTO
Schedule Compression

7. Project Cost Management:

How to prepare the cost baselines? Learn how to calculate the Cost Variance, Schedule Variance, Cost Performance Index and Schedule performance index.

Topics Covered
Project Cost management
Plan cost management ITTO
Plan cost management
Estimate cost ITTO
Estimate cost
Determine Budget ITTO
Determine Budget
Funding Limit Reconcilation
Control Cost ITTO
Earned Value Analysis
Trend analysis
Variance analysis
To complete performance index
Control Cost

8. Project Quality Management:

Learn the three major processes of the project quality management – Plan Quality Manage quality and Control Quality. What are the tools and techniques of quality management are available.

Topics Covered
Project Quality Management
Trends and Tailoring considerations
Plan Quality Management ITTO
Project Quality Management Plan Quality Management
Manage Quality Audit
Manage Quality ITTO
Manage Quality
Quality and Grade
Project Quality Management Checklists, checksheets, Matrix diagram
Project Quality Management Causes and Effects
Cost of Quality
Effective Quality Management
Flow chart
Scatter diagram
Project Quality Management Control Chart
Control Quality ITTO

9. Project Resource Management:

What is organizational planning and how is it valuable in the project management. The lesson talks about how to identify the project interfaces and project constraints. And at the end of this lesson identify right conflict management techniques.

Topics Covered
Project Resource Management
Trends and Tailoring Considerations
Plan Resource Management
Plan Data Representation
Team Charter
Resource Management Plan
Plan Data Representation Assignment Matrix Text – Oriented Format
Estimate Activity Resources ITTO
Aquire Resources ITTO
Project Resource Management Virtual and distributed teams
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Project Resource Management Herzberg’s Theory
Project Resource Management Mc Gregor’s Threory X Y
Team Performance Assessment
Team development
Develop Team ITTO
Manage Team ITTO
Conflict Management
Project Resource Management Self Organising Team
Project Resource Management Emotional Intelligence
Management and Leadership Style
Types of Powers
Control Resources ITTO

10. Project Communication management:

The lesson begins with communication requirement, importance and planning. Learn how to create a communication matrix. A detailed study of Earned Value and communication is offered.

Topics Covered
Project Communication Management
Dimensions of Communication
Tailoring and Agile
The 5 Cs of written communication
Trends and Emerging practices
Information Exchange Mechanism
Communication Channels
Communication Technology Selection Factors
Communication Models
Communication Methods
Plan Communications Management ITTO
Manage Communication ITTO
Monitor Communication ITTO

11. Project Risk Management:

The lesson study begins with risk identification. The chapter Talks about how to identify uncertain events that may impact the project in the longer term. There is a comprehensive explanation on how to monitor and control risk.

Topics Covered
Project Risk Management
Trends and Emerging Practices
Plan Risk Management ITTO
Definition of Risk Probability and Impact
Risk Breakdown Structure
Probability and impact matrix
Identify Risk
Perform quantitative risk analysis ITTO
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Sensitivity Analysis
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Simulation
Perform quantitative risk analysis Decision Tree Analysis
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Plan Risk Responses ITTO
Plan Risk Responses Strategies for Overall Project Risk
Plan Risk Responses Strategies for opportunities
Plan Risk Responses Contingent Response Strategies
Implement Risk Responses
Monitor risk ITTO

12. Project Procurement Management:

Learn how to seek assistance and support from the vendor. Identifying the right contracts for the given project situation. How to do procurement planning, execution and controlling in a project is explained in a comprehensive manner.

Topics Covered
Project Procurement Management
Project Procurement Management understanding 3 processes
Plan Procurement Management ITTO
Project Procurement Management Trends and Emerging Practices
Source Selection Analysis
Project Procurement Management Contract Types
Project Procurement Management CentralizedDecentralized Contracting
Project Procurement Management STRATEGY
Project Procurement Management Procurement Management Plan
Project Procurement Management Bid Documents
Project Procurement Management Comparing Different Contract Types
Conduct Procurement Agreements
Conduct Procurement ITTO
Control Procurement ITTO

13. Project Stakeholder Management:

Learn how to manage stakeholders and how they can be convinced to be more and more committed to the project goal. Learn the strategies to enhance stakeholder management.

Topics Covered
Project Stakeholder Management
Data Representation
Identify Stakeholder
Stakeholder Analysis
Plan Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement Assessment Matrix
Manage Stakeholder Engagement
Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

Success Story of Vijay – Cleared PMP in second attempt

Achieve PMP Credential on 19th July 2018

Vijay was completely depressed after failing in PMP® in first attempt. He was was not able to make in first attempt due to inappropriate study approach and year-end hectic schedules in Office.

Our PMP experts’ reviewed his exam result and created a customized study plan for him. As per Vijay “After joining iZenBridge I got confidence with the subject part. Thanks a lot to Saket for excellent explanations of each and every topic. The explanation of ITTOs (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs) in each Knowledge Area by Saket was sufficient for the exam. He insisted to understand the intent of ITTOs rather than remembering. “
He followed our customized study plan and passed his PMP® exam on 19th July 2018 in second Attempt.

Exam Analysis by Vijay

  • 70% of the questions are on communications, Risk, procurement, Stakeholders.
  • 30% were on Remaining Knowledge areas.
  • No questions on Human Resource theories, resource optimization
  • Very few direct ITTO situational question on Risk management, numerical questions ( Critical Path Method , Beta distribution and EVM for EAC calculation)
  • Most of the questions were theoretical situational questions.

Preparation part:

  • Studied 3-4 hours daily maximum
  • Only PMBOK® Guide Sixth edition is my suggestion – i read for 2 times and 2nd time is only important points marked in PMBOK® Guide in first reading.
  • Read Rita for Resources, Communication, and Procurement only as it has much better explanations than PMBOK® Guide.
  • Exam was more or less like chapter end questions in the iZenBridge online course and I have gone through them 2 times for all knowledge areas.

Thanks a lot once again for the Saket and iZenBridge PMP training team for giving me such a confidence to attempt PMP exam.


Success Story of Yogesh Raut

Achieve PMP Credential on 18th July 2018

  • Dont worry attempt certification exam with positive mood
  • Mathematics part is too easy. There were approx 6 questions only where in 4 questions you need actual calculation & in other 2 you have to infer the meaning.
  • I referred only & only PMBOK 6th edition. No other book.
  • Attempted approx 2000 questions including mock test.
  • Initially I scored very less around 55% to 57% in first 4 tests & highest was 68%.
  • I read PMBOK twice thoroughly & fast revision once.
  • I analysed almost all questions I attempted. This consumes more time than you attempt the test.
  • Try to understand the logic behind ITTO because few questions will based on ITTO.
  • Read & understand the glossary which in last few pages of PMBOK.
  • Practice mathematics part as these are sure shot marks. Especially Critical path method & Earned value management.
  • Study process group wise.
  • The videos by Mr. Saket Bansal are awesome. These videos are very helpful for understanding the subject.
  • iZenbridge is better than any other REP in India.

Success Stories

Trainer Profile

Director, PMP® & PMI-ACP® Trainer, iZenBridge
Saket Bansal is one of the leading agile trainers in India. He is a founder director of Delhi IT Professionals Meet Up group and iZenBridge Consultancy Private Limited.

PMP, PMI-ACP, SAFe Agilist, Project management Coach
Manish Panchmatia has 19 years of industry experience working in different discipline from Sales, Delivery Management and customer engagement.

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