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Why Choose the Advanced Jira: Expert Techniques for Scrum & Kanban


Jira Agile Mastery: Explore Scrum and Kanban skills with advanced Jira capabilities.


Skill Showcase: Display your mastery of Jira's complex tools.


Practical Depth: Tackle real-world scenarios with advanced Jira exercises.


Career Leap: Advance with high-level Jira project management tools.


Up-to-Date Expertise: Stay current with the latest Jira advancements.


Enhanced Teamwork: Optimize collaboration with Jira’s advanced functions.

Who Should Enroll in the Advanced Jira Course and Certification?

  • Agile Practitioners: Build upon your Jira foundations with advanced techniques in workflow customization, complex board management, and sophisticated reporting for Scrum and Kanban.

  • Scrum Masters & Agile Project Managers: Enhance leadership by mastering Jira’s advanced functionalities—dashboard customization, automation, and reporting—for complex Scrum and Kanban projects.

  • Seasoned Product Owners: Master Jira’s advanced tools for backlog refinement and prioritization to streamline your product development process.

  • Development Team Members: Improve collaboration and task tracking in Jira, navigating complex workflows with greater precision and ease.

  • Business Analysts: Sharpen your ability to translate complex business requirements into structured Jira tasks and utilize advanced reporting for deeper insights.

  • IT Directors & Team Leads: Lead your teams with advanced Agile practices in Jira, ensuring your workflows are highly optimized for top-tier project delivery.

  • Quality Assurance Managers: Master the integration of comprehensive testing strategies within Jira to uphold the highest quality standards in your development process.

  • Professionals Elevating Their Career: For those looking to specialize in Agile project management or to supplement their role with high-level Jira knowledge, this advanced Jira mastery certification will set you apart.

What will you get?

  • Able to master the Jira software and its tools

  • Able to master the Jira software and its tools Able to plan and track the team's work

  • Able to increase productivity of your teams

  • Able to manage your projects more effectively

  • Able to collaborate and create transparency on Jira Agile boards

Steps to do the 'Advanced Jira Program’ Course


Enroll in the Course: Secure your spot in our next advanced session.


Participate Fully: Commit to the complete live experience.


Achieve Certification: Obtain your Advanced Jira Mastery Certificate.


Utilize Extended Support: Leverage post-training support to solidify your learning.

What You Will Learn in the Advanced Jira Course:

  • Jira Configuration: Mastery Dive deeper into Jira’s configuration capabilities, mastering advanced settings for customized project tracking.

  • Advanced Dashboards & Reporting: Create and customize Jira dashboards, add complex gadgets, and generate insightful reports.

  • Apps & Add-Ons Mastery: Select and integrate powerful tools from the Jira Marketplace, including in-depth work with apps like X-Ray.

  • Complex Workflow Design: Construct and manage sophisticated Jira workflows for diverse project requirements.

  • Hands-On Automation: Gain expertise in automating tasks, streamlining operations, and refining project management practices with Jira.

  • Sophisticated Project Management: Enhance your proficiency in setting up and managing complex releases, and handling detailed product backlogs.

  • Enhanced Issue Tracking: Learn to utilize advanced Jira features for comprehensive issue tracking, including work log analysis, advanced scheduling, and change history reviews.

  • Expert Board Customization: Acquire advanced skills in creating and customizing complex Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban boards, aligning with intricate team workflows.

  • In-Depth Practical Exercises: Participate in extensive practical exercises, focusing on advanced features such as dashboard creation, notification management, Jira automation, bulk changes, and historical data searches.

  • Advanced User Management: Learn to oversee and manage users and groups within Jira, ensuring proper role assignments and permissions for large teams.

Advanced Jira Training Program Deliverables

  • Advanced Interactive Learning: Participate in intensive hands-on sessions that delve into Jira's advanced features, enhancing your ability to manage Agile projects.

  • Specialized Expert Guidance: Receive instruction from seasoned professionals with deep expertise in advanced Jira functionalities and Agile methodologies.

  • Dynamic and In-Depth Content: Engage with comprehensive exercises and discussions that challenge you to apply high-level Jira concepts in practical scenarios.

  • Extended Post-training Support: Benefit from additional support after the course, with direct access to experts for resolving advanced queries via email and phone.

  • Advanced Career Navigation: Get tailored advice on leveraging your advanced Jira expertise to take on leadership roles in Agile project management.

  • Advanced Certification: Earn a Certificate of Advanced Mastery that recognizes your expertise in utilizing Jira for sophisticated Scrum and Kanban project management.

Why Why Choose iZenBridge for Essential Jira Course?

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Dedicated Expertise: Over 1 lakh professionals trained in Agile methodologies across 30+ countries.

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Interactive Learning: Successfully delivered 100+ virtual sessions on Scrum/Kanban with Jira.

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Content Hub: Over 1,000 Jira and Agile videos on our YouTube , serving 69,000+ subscribers.

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Growing Community: 500+ participants joining our courses monthly.

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Guided Path: Tailored career guidance for aspiring Agile and Jira professionals.

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Cash Back: Full money back if you don’t like or are unable to attend the class.

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Kapil is a seasoned Technical Project Manager. He has graduated in Computer followed by a Post-Graduation in Computer Applications from Punjab Technical University and hold...

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