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June 27, 2022
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June 27, 2023

A PMP certification holder has all the required knowledge and expertise, making professionals stay competitive and up to date. In addition, it supercharges their skills to lead and execute a project with the urgency required to deliver business value. So, PMP certification helps organizations find the best professionals to work smart and better. Hence, it brings immense career opportunities across industries, regardless of size or sector.

PMP certification is a globally accredited certification and stimulates your career growth across the globe. According to the research commissioned by PMI, it has been clear that the demand for project managers will rise manifold in the next five years. Therefore, every organization, be it big or small, will need project managers to lead the projects and to deliver business benefits and value.

This article focuses on the career opportunities for an individual having a PMP certification. So, let us have a look at it!

Career Opportunities for a Project Management Professional (PMP)

A Project Manager is responsible for the overall project success and delivery from the beginning to the end. These professionals are liable for leading, executing, monitoring, and controlling to achieve specific goals. PMP certification helps in growing these skills. Also, PMP certification is suitable for multiple roles like Project Manager (of course), Product Manager (if the experience is in the product area), and Quality Assurance Engineer (if the experience is in quality testing or auditing areas)

The Role of a Project Manager in the corporate world is in numerous industries, including –

  • IT
  • Construction
  • Telecommunication
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automobile
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Investment Banking and many more

Skills learned in PMP can translate to all industries and projects. Let us shed light on the roles a PMP-certified individual can exploit based on their experience, industry, and interest!

1. Associate Project Manager An Associate Project Manager is a professional who supports the project managers in leading and executing the project.

2. Project Coordinator Associate Project Managers often go by a different title; many organizations call them project coordinators. The project coordinator supports the Project Manager with administrative tasks and other project planning & executing activities. In some organizations, project coordinators assist functional managers instead of senior project managers.

3. Contract Project Manager As the name suggests, if you become a contract project manager, you won’t have to work full-time as a project manager. Instead, you will work on a contract basis, delivering client services.

4. Product Manager As a product manager, you must focus on understanding user needs and the market. Furthermore, you define the product vision and engage stakeholders around the vision for the product. You are also involved in prioritizing product features and capabilities. PMP certification certainly helps in growing these skills.

5. Business Project Manager Business Project Managers work to look into new opportunities for the business. If it makes sense for the business, a new project can be initiated to exploit those opportunities.

6. Software Project Manager In this position, you as a project manager have to work with software development teams to manage and upgrade it from time to time. You would need to oversee the overall development of software projects.

7. IT Project Manager This is a similar position to the software project manager, but as an IT Project Manager, you have to work with servers, and networking teams also to devise a proper plan for the execution. The main role of an IT project manager is to maintain and build several IT projects and finally deliver them to the clients as per the requirement.

8. Non-IT Project Manager PMP certification is globally recognized across all industries because you can apply skills learned in PMP to all industries and projects. Non-IT sectors like construction, automobile, oil & gas, healthcare, investment banking, etc., equally need PMP-certified project managers as IT.

So, these are the different posts that an individual can have after gaining the PMP® certification. Having known the posts, let us look at the salary associated with them.

Salaries of Different Posts (per annum)

Post NameAverage Salary
IT Project Manager$125000
Software Project Manager$100020
Business Project Manager$90150
Contract Project Manager$105450
Product Manager$110450
Project Coordinator$51000
Assistant Project Manager$50120

Salary of a Project Manager as per different Companies

Name of the CompanySalary per annum
HCL Technologies$110,231
Cisco Systems$106,520
Product Manager$110450

To become a project manager, an individual needs to work hard in order to gain skills and knowledge.

Below are some of the useful tips that an individual can use to become a successful project manager. Here they are:

1. Present your Skill & Knowledge Developing skills and acquiring project management knowledge is essential to growing as a project manager. It will help if you are committed to exploiting leadership and facilitation opportunities within your project to acquire this knowledge and skills. In addition, you can support your project manager with these project activities.

2. Get the PMP certification If you are PMP certified, it is evident that you have at least 36 months of leading and directing experience. Also, after passing the PMP exam, you have acquired skills for the best practices of project management accepted globally. And now, you are well equipped to take complex project management assignments, which opens up good opportunities with high salaries.

iZenBridge PMP certification course not only gives you deep insight into the PMP exam and helps you prepare well for it.

3. Expert Networking Once you gain a PMP certificate, you get ample opportunities to network with other certified professionals globally, which opens numerous opportunities to boost your career.

Thus, to become a successful project manager, apt skills, knowledge, training, and networking is required!

So, PMP® certification opens a wide range of job opportunities that can take your career to the next level. PMP is a GOLD Standard certificate that can help you get a job in any part of the world and industry.

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