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Why become a ICF-ACC Coach?


Elevate your coaching career with the worldwide renowned ICF-ACC credential.


Illustrates your credibility in the coaching industry


Present yourself apart from untrained coaches.


Increase your marketability and competitiveness.


Flexibility to specialize in various coaching fields, including Agile Coaching, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Team Coaching, and more.


Provides an accelerated pathway to becoming CTC certified by the Scrum Alliance.

Who Should ICF-ACC Certification

  • Managers who want to build emotionally bonded collaborative teams which break down organizational silos

  • Trainers and consultants who want to enhance their horizons to leave more impact and enhance their current professional role

  • Executives and HR/L&D heads to incorporate coaching skills to create a new way of thinking in people around them

  • Entrepreneurs, start-up founders, and managers to incorporate coaching people for their personal and professional growth

  • Students pursuing graduate programs to learn Life Skills to succeed in their careers early.

  • Scrum Alliance CTC certification aspirants as it enables you to Agile Team Coaching Knowledge and Competencies required for CTC

  • Individuals who are interested in upgrading their current professional capabilities by learning and practising coaching skills

What does the ICF-ACC Coach do?

  • Coaching clients to identify and achieve their goals: ICF-ACC coaches work with clients to help them clarify their goals and develop a plan of action to achieve them.

  • Providing support and accountability: Coaches provide regular support and hold clients accountable for their commitments towards their goals.

  • Creating a safe and non-judgmental environment: Coaches create a safe and non- judgmental environment where clients can openly explore their thoughts and feelings.

  • Active listening: Coaches actively listen to their clients to understand their perspectives, concerns, and goals and helps to create connections in their thoughts.

  • Using powerful questioning: Coaches use powerful questioning techniques to help clients gain clarity and develop new insights.

  • Offering feedback and insights: Coaches offer feedback and insights to help clients identify their blind spots and make progress towards their goals.

  • Using coaching tools and techniques: Coaches use various techniques to help clients achieve their goals.

  • Continuing education and self-improvement: Coaches engage in continuous education and self-improvement to enhance their coaching skills and stay current with industry trends and best practices.

How to become a ICF-ACC Certified Coach?


Enroll in a 60-hour coach-specific training and 10-hour mentoring program.


Complete Training Series 1 and send recorded coaching sessions to the Coach for assessment.


Start 10 hours of mentoring with the Coach (7 hours group, 3 hours Individual)


Start logging 100 coaching hours with at least eight clients, with a minimum of 25 hours in the 24 months before applying for the credential.


Initiate the ICF application process to complete the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA).


Once the application is accepted, pay the examination fee. Give the Exam and Become a certified Coach!!

What are the ICF-ACC learning objectives?

  • Understand ICF Core Competencies comprehensively.

  • Explore coaching philosophy and ethical guidelines.

  • Apply awareness of personal coaching strengths and areas for growth.

  • Create an understanding of coaching as a profession and a business.

  • Learn and practice foundational coaching skills, such as active listening, powerful questioning, goal setting, and Let of Judgements.

  • Understand the coaching process and develop the ability to create a coaching plan for individual sessions and series.

  • Explore how to establish a coaching agreement and set appropriate boundaries.

  • Gain experience in coaching diverse backgrounds of people.

  • Develop a personal coaching philosophy and style.

  • Learn how to manage the coaching relationship and create accountability for actions.

  • Understand how to measure and evaluate coaching effectiveness.

ICF-ACC Deliverables

  • 60 Hours of training covering ICF coaching competencies learning, and practice comprehensively by a qualified and experienced instructor.

  • 10 hours of mentoring to apply coaching skills at practice.

  • Course materials such as textbooks, workbooks, and training manuals.

  • Interactive learning and assessment activities designed to promote deep inquiry and self-discovery in every session.

  • Ample opportunities for peer discussions to draw connections and deepen learning.

  • Continuous feedback and reflection opportunities to improve coaching skills throughout the training.

  • 1-hour Individual Coaching Assessment of a recorded tap after completing Training Series-1

  • A certificate of completion indicating coach-specific training hours completed and content covered.

Why become a ICF-ACC Coach with iZenBridge?

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Global accreditation by ICF

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Facilitation of coaching for over 200 individuals

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ICF-PCC instructor with 19 years of coaching experience

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Over 55,000 subscribers currently benefiting from the services

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500+ enrolments every month

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Mentored professionals across 30+ countries

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Complete career guidance

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Full money back if you don’t like or are unable to attend the class.


What will be the ICF exam cost?

The ICF exam cost will be $175 USD – ICF Member | $325 USD – Non Member

The ICF course will be of 3 hours with 155 Multiple Choices Questions, where the passing percentage will be 70% which you need to clear in 1 attempt.

The ICF exam retake fee will be 75 USD.

The duration of mentoring will be of 10 hours over 3 months which can be 7 hours group sessions and 3 hours individual sessions.

You can renew your lapsed credential by submitting an additional 1.2 CCE unit each month if your credential is due for renewal less than one (1) year ago.

You will be required to submit an application to ICF for approval. The following links will take you to the prerequisites for each credential level.


Lead by Industry Leading Trainers

Karen Borain
Executive, Business, Life, Team Coach

Karen Borain is an ICF-ACC Instructor with over 33 years of leadership experience in Learning and Development, working with both corporates and business owners. In addition...

Experience : 33 years’ experience in leadership in the Learning and Development field and 16 years’ experience as an Executive and Team Coach....
Trained : 1500+ Participants
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