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Created on :
June 27, 2022
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June 22, 2023

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification is the world’s top recognized project management certification governed by PMI. PMP certification grows your Leading and Directing skills in all three project management approaches – Predictive (waterfall), Agile, and Hybrid -making you competent in any project leadership work and challenge. In addition, it boosts your career as PMP certification proves that you have the expertise to perform better, and the organizations know that they are working with the best.

Now let us understand the PMP certification and its benefits:

What is PMP?

PMP certification is proof of your project leadership capability often asked for by employers. It shows your competency in the following three project management domains –

  • People: This domain includes tasks to lead and direct people (the Project team and other stakeholders) associated with the project. Project People are the backbone of delivering project results, and as a Project Manager, you create a collaborative work environment to create those results.
  • Process: The process domain shows your deep knowledge of project management processes in all three approaches: Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid. Process domain includes a set of tasks to effectively manage the project management process like scope, cost, schedule, communication, stakeholders, procurement, quality, resources, etc.
  • Business Environment: This domain includes tasks to understand the business environment within the context of the organization and project. It highlights your ability to connect project direction with organization strategy.

Why Should You Choose PMP?

Having PMP certification adds value to help you improve your project management skills to meet the growing demand. Also, it is highly beneficial to exploit good opportunities with high salaries. The average salary of PMP-certified professionals is 25% higher than those without it. The PMP shows your expertise in delivering business results and helps you stand out in your profession.

Who Should Take the PMP Certification Course?

Project Managers, Project Executives, Project Engineers, Associate Project Managers, Team Managers and leaders, Software Developers, and those who aspire to become a PMP should take this course.

Benefits of PMP Certification

1. Better Job Opportunities for PMP-certified professionals: A survey from PMI shows there will be around 2.2 million new project management-oriented roles annually through 2027. This high demand will bring better opportunities to certified PMP professionals because organizations seek professionals who can take on challenges and greater responsibilities

2. Large Scale Acceptance: The certification is a gold standard certificate across industries like IT, finance, construction, automobile, oil & gas, telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. Corporates need certified project managers. Therefore, PMP-certified professionals are in demand in almost all types of businesses. You can apply PMP concepts across all industries.

3. Preferred by Recruiters: PMP certification puts you in the best position to get hired by recruiters on a priority basis. You stand out and make your position strong over non-certified professionals.

4. Value Addition: The course adds value to your skills as a professional. The stringent training and coursework develop an expanded skill set. When you introduce yourself as a PMP-certified project manager through your CV, you make a long-lasting impression. The strength of your CV increases manifold whenever you look out for a new job.

5. Your Career Gets a Boost: Your career gets a boost by PMP certification and lets you give your best in leading companies all over the world. It gives you a chance to stand out and confirm your place ahead of others. The project managers who do not have PMP certification certainly lack many benefits otherwise enabled by this course.

6. Earns You a Higher Salary: There is a strong chance of you getting paid higher than your peers because of PMP® certification.

7. Expands Professional Network: Once you become a PMP certificate holder, you become part of a community of certified professionals. You can network with other professionals in the same field globally and open numerous opportunities in terms of jobs, project ideas, etc.

8. Guarantees Better Project Performance: The Project Managers who have completed the certification course possess a specific set of skills that make them stand apart. The efficiency and commitment exercised by PMP-certified project managers are proof of their versatility and optimum project performance. The certification is an assurance of getting desired results by optimizing the performance of the whole project team and leading to better outcomes.

Looking at the several benefits offered by the PMP certification, pursuing it is an excellent idea. It opens many job opportunities for recognition, growth, and higher salaries.

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