What do you do if a member of the Scrum team doesn’t want to participate in the Sprint planning meeting?

There could be multiple reasons for a scrum team member to avoid Scrum ceremonies. The team member is unable to understand and appreciate the scrum framework.   As a scrum master you are unable to communicate the value scrum ceremonies can bring to your team.   He comes as a specialist in the scrum team and he work is always in a silo. He is unable to connect with the team and does not understand the value a team can…

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How do you measure the story points? Provide examples.

Estimation is a critical part of a scrum project thanks to the slew of factors it takes into account including amount, complexity, risk and uncertainty. Scrum being a minimal framework does not dictate the way estimation is done.   Scrum teams use story points as opposed to the time format in days, week or months as used by traditional project management. Story points rate relative effort to work in a Fibonacci like format.   Story points are the estimation grey…

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What is the Difference between Traditional Project Manager and Scrum Master?

Traditional project management is evolving with Agile. Enterprises are rewriting the metrics of your effectiveness as a project manager, to succeed in the new age roles such as Scrum Master requires a complete mindset shift. You need to give up your command and control mindset, and learn ways to motivate the team and let them grow organically. The effective scrum masters are skilled at communicating effectively, they collaborate well, resolves conflicts within the team quickly. They let the team grow…

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What technique do you follow for the retrospective meeting?

The retrospectives are lesson learned meeting held towards the end of a sprint and before the next sprint is started to reflect on the most recent sprint. Its your chance as a team and scrum master to reflect on what worked well and what can be improved. Because continuous improvement is the backbone of Agile, retrospective have a huge contribution towards successful agile implementation. Most often, scrum masters are the retrospective facilitators. You can use a number of techniques to…

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Mind Games – What has Team Coaching got to do with this?

Corporate Mind Games have become an important topic of research and consideration in today’s dynamic world. More and more organizations, particularly the multinationals are investing heavily to understand the behavior of employees and teams. Why is this so important? This is because, mind games create certain patterns of behavior that people get trapped into, which may influence their productivity performance as an individual and as a team member. It is critical for everyone to gain awareness into such mind games…

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