PMI-ACP® Vs. CSM Dilemma

In this blog series addressing some of the frequently asked questions, my next pick is – Which certification should I do? – PMI-ACP® or CSM. So, which is the best certification to opt for? This is one of the most common questions that I get often. I would like to flip this question a bit before answering. The right question to consider would be – which of these is the right certification for you? Certifications are a great way to…

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Can CSM be done online?

In the last few blogs, I have been discussing some of the commonly asked questions on topics related to Agile, CSM and project management. Here’s another interesting one in this series. A common question that I get frequently is – can I do CSM online? As you are aware, we have good online presence with many pertinent videos and discussions on Agile and non-Agile topics related to program management. As a result, a lot of aspirants from across the globe…

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Scrum Master Interview Question – What is sprint Zero

Scrum Does not define anything like Sprint zero. But, you can not deny the fact that a team has to spend a considerable amount of time planning before they can start with the sprinting, the exploration would include steps like deciding on the technology, database, architecture, team size and location and another important factor which would form the backbone of entire scrum project. when you face this question, you should list down the pre-planning activities that your team might be…

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Scrum Master interview Question -How Do You Ensure Backlog Readiness For Sprint?

As a scrum master you might be facing this issue, you have a sprint planning meeting going on and nobody understands the backlog items that are expected to be picked. if you have faced this problem, you might have had a series of meeting with the product owner and the development team and they might have discussed with each other what they should do to ensure a better outcome. Many teams follow a good practice call Definition of ready. You…

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Which Certification to go for – CSM or PMP®?

I receive numerous questions on topics related to Agile, Scrum and project management that I respond through emails. There was this one question, which astounded me. The question was – “Should I go for CSM or PMP® certification?” I started wondering as to why one would ask this question. The reason being both CSM and PMP® are very different certifications for varied purposes. So, why would this kind of a question pop up in anyone’s mind? Although my initial reaction…

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