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December 22, 2022
Seema Sonkiya
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June 22, 2023

In this blog, I am addressing the PMP Exam certification process. The first step is to check if you are eligible for the PMP certification. You can plan PMP certification if you have at least 36 months of experience leading or directing project activities. To know more about your eligibility for the PMP certification – PMP Certification Eligibility, Cost And Benefits.

If you are eligible, you can start your PMP exam certification journey. But you can plan the PMP exam date only after completing the essential 35 hours of PMP training because you need to provide these details of 35 hours of Professional Education in the PMP exam application. So this process starts with enrolling in a PMP training course from Authorized Training Partners (ATPs ) of PMI.

iZenBridge is a Premium Authorized Training Partner of PMI; we conduct Live interactive PMP training globally

Here are the steps of the PMP exam application process –

1. Enroll in the PMP Course

2. Create a Study Plan to pass the PMP exam

3. Complete 35 hours of Professional Education

4. Apply for the PMP exam (Filling Out PMP Application)

5. Book the PMP Exam

6. Engage and Participate

7. Take the PMP Exam and Celebrate

Let’s explore these steps in detail –

1. Enroll in the PMP course –  You must enrol to compete for 35 hours of Professional Education per the PMP exam content outlineiZenBridge is ATP of PMI. Here iZenBridge PMP certification course can help you get these essential 35 PDUs. This course is not just for getting a 35 PDUs certificate; it is a complete association with iZenBridge to pass the exam on the first attempt. It delivers approx 100 hours of content and interaction using an e-learning system and 35 hours of Live classes.

2. Create a Study Plan to pass the PMP exam – Your roadmap to passing the PMP exam starts after enrollment. Your PMP certification preparation should begin as soon as you enrol. PMP preparation needs the support of approx 100 hours of content and interaction because you need an understanding of the PMBOK Guide, Agile Practise Guide, and PMP exam prep guide. Live classes facilitate interaction with the trainer for the overall content. But, It is only possible to cover some things through 35 hours of Live classes. Therefore, it is good to start looking at the content before Live classes

If you enrol with iZenBridge, you will get access to an e-learning system, and our experts will start helping you to begin PMP exam preparation in the right direction. We have learning guidelines based on your experience and when you enrol for the course before live classes. Some participants enrol just before Live classes; it is okay because we share the mapping of different content and guide what needs to be done before the next Live class to get the maximum value.

Coming to the Study Plan starts with envisioning the goal to be PMP. Most of the participants pass the exam within six to 8 weeks. PMP aspirants who do not give in this time frame, it becomes six months, keep procrastinating further.
You need a study plan based on your need; your friend’s study plan may not suit you. You cannot create your Study Plan based on any other’s experience; you need to customize it per your requirements. But Yes, it is a good idea to divide the study plan into phases to prepare for the exam. For more details about these phases, kindly refer to the following blog – 3 Steps Foolproof PMP® Study Plan.

3. Complete 35 hours of Professional Education – PMP exam roadmap also includes 35 hours of Live or In-person training; once complete gives you a 35 contact hours certificate. One hour of training equals one contact hour. After these Live or in-person classes completion, you are technically eligible to apply for the PMP exam at the PMI site.

4. Apply for the PMP exam (Filling out PMP Application)  – The first step is to create a FREE account at PMI. Afterwards, you can begin filling out the PMP exam application as follows –

I. Login to PMI

II. From the Certification Sections, select PMP  and then select- “Apply for PMP Certification.”

III. Start filling out the PMP Exam Application as per the guidelines mentioned in the following blog –  How To Fill The Work Experience Details In the PMP®️Application Form? (PMP Sample Application Included)

IV. Now, submit the application, and take help reviewing your application from your trainer. iZenBridge customers get end-to-end support to fill out the PMP exam application. Kindly note your application may be selected for the audit randomly just after its submission. To learn more about the PMP application audit process, kindly visit the following blog – PMP Application Audit Process.

PMI takes approx. a week to review your application. Once approved, you are ready to pay the PMP exam fee. To learn more about the PMP exam cost and to take the PMI membership before paying the exam fee, please visit the following blog – PMP Certification Cost.

5. Book the PMP Exam – Once your PMP Exam application is approved, you can book your PMP exam. Based on your roadmap and study plan, you should foresee the finish line to pass the PMP exam. Booking the exam date will help to stay motivated throughout the exam preparation process.

6. Engage and Participate PMP exam becomes rhythmic and easy if you participate and engage in various forums. If you enrolled in the iZenBridge PMP course, our PMP trainers are one message or email away to resolve your concerns and doubts. The maximum turnaround time for iZenBridge PMP Discussion forum is one Business Day. Our trainers are deeply involved in your PMP certification journey. Apart from Live training, experts are available to interact with your doubts from time to time using bi-weekly sessions. These engagement helps you to inspect and adapt your study plan as per your progress, so you should stay tuned with these participation opportunities.

7. Take the PMP Exam and Celebrate – Finally, as your exam date arrives, you are ready to pass the exam. So, yes, it is time to give and celebrate.

Get Competitive PMP training for Success!!

iZenBridge intensive PMP Certification Training gives the confidence to pass the exam on the first attempt. We have a track record of 99% of customers across industry segments globally who pass the exam on their first attempt. 

I hope this blog helped to understand the PMP application steps. If you have more questions in mind? Contact us; Our iZenBridge PMP experts will be happy to assist you!!

To get more assistance, you can connect with the iZenBridge Team.
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