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December 14, 2022
Seema Sonkiya
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October 13, 2023

PMP certificate is a gold standard certification and builds your credibility in the field of project management of every industry, be it insurance, IT, banking and finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, or energy. Also, PMP® certification now includes all three project management approaches: 

  • Predictive (waterfall)
  • Agile
  • Hybrid

So it demonstrates your leading and directing expertise in any mode of work. 

PMP certification is an expensive yet worthwhile investment as it helps you to stay relevant in the project management industry. This blog explains the total cost of PMP certification in India. 

PMP certification includes PMP exam cost and training cost as two major components. It often also includes additional  PMP study material expenses and PMP mock test simulator costs, but a good PMP training course includes all these components of PMP exam preparation. 

Let’s look at the cost details of PMP certification in India –

  1. PMP Training Cost –  PMP Certification Content requires multiple levels of preparation based on your experience and the industry you belong to.  You need at least 35 hours of Live or in-person training as eligibility.  But apart from good Live or in-person training, you need competitive course material to pass the exam on the first attempt. So PMP training cost is not fixed; it all depends on how the training provider packages the course. PMP training cost in India varies from ₹ 15000 to 30000  for Live virtual and classroom training.
    Select a  Premium Authorized Training Partner (ATP)  of PMI to deliver 35 hours of Live or in-person training. After these 35 hours of Live training, you would be doing PMP exam preparation. Select a training provider who gives you access to the prerecorded videos and PMP Exam Simulator so that you do have reference material for PMP exam preparation.
    iZenBridge delivers intensive PMP certification training is designed for success on the first attempt.
  2. PMP Exam Fee Cost – PMI asks for an exam fee after approval of your PMP exam application. PMP exam cost differs for PMI members and non-members as follows – 
PMP Exam Cost for Members₹ 23,459.00 
PMP Exam Cost for non-members₹ 42,863.00 
PMI Membership Fee₹ 10,735 .00  (₹ 9,963.00  + ₹ 772.00  one-time application fee)

Total PMP exam cost in India for PMI members is ₹ 34,194; clearly, you can save ₹ 8,669.

The above product prices are exclusive of tax. You need to add 18% GST on top of these prices. 

Overall taking a PMI membership is cost-effective. It has an additional benefit; you can download the PMBOK Guide for FREE. We suggest taking the PMI membership before paying the exam fee. Your membership is valid for a year and you need to plan your exam within this period; otherwise, it will be an additional cost to retake your membership.  

Here the important point is if you do not take the PMI membership, you may need to invest extra money to buy PMBOK, which costs around ₹ 7000. 

So considering both PMP training and exam costs, the total PMP certification cost varies from ₹ 50 k to 70k. 

PMP exam preparation may incur other costs: You may need to spend additional money to buy the mock test if your training course does not include enough quality questions close to real exam questions. A typical PMP exam simulator costs you between ₹ 6000  to 10,000. 

iZenBridge PMP course comes with a bundle of 1400+ mock questions with no additional cost. PMP exam mock questions are written by experts with 50+ years collective project management experience.

PMP Exam Retake Fee Cost

PMP exam retake is different for both PMI members and non-members as follows –

PMP Exam Cost for Members₹ 15,929.00 
PMP Exam Cost non-members₹ 28,961.00 

 You need to add 18% GST on top of these prices. 

iZenBridge PMP course has a 99% success rate of passing the exam on the first attempt.

PMP Certification Renewal Cost-

We often receive queries about the PMP certification renewal fee. After passing the PMP exam, you need to renew your PMP certification once every 3 years. PMP certification is a two-step process –

  1. Earn 60 PDUs in 3 years
  2. Submit renewal fee – The renewal fee for non-PMI members is ₹ 11,585.00, and for PMI members, it is 3,475.00. This cost does not include the tax part; you need to include GST on top of it. 

Get Competitive PMP training for Success!!

iZenBridge intensive PMP Certification Training gives the confidence to pass the exam on the first attempt. We have a track record of 99% of customers across industry segments globally who pass the exam on their first attempt. 


The PMP certification is expensive but worthwhile as it increases your market value in the Project Management field. This section helps you make an informed decision to forecast your expenses, and you can plan your journey well. 

I hope this blog helped you to learn the PMP certification cost in India; feel free to add your comments and questions on PMP certification Costs in India in the comment area.

 If you have aspirations to pursue the PMP certification, enroll with us for comprehensive support in your PMP certification journey. We offer expert guidance in exam preparation, assistance with the application process, and help in scheduling the exam. With our assistance, you can confidently navigate the certification process and increase your chances of success.

 iZenBridge offers a wide range of comprehensive FREE resources to support you throughout your PMP certification journey. Explore our PMP Free Practice test, which provides a realistic simulation of the actual exam and helps you assess your preparedness with up-to-date questions. Our 50 Agile PMP Questions tutorial also delves deep into essential PMP Agile concepts, such as working with Requirements, value delivery, Agile Metrics, incremental delivery, and feedback. These tutorials provide detailed explanations and expose you to common Agile-related PMP exam questions. Whether you’re new to Agile or seeking to strengthen your understanding, our scenario-based PMP Agile questions are valuable tools for effective concept comprehension.

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