How to become a PMP Certified Professional?

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June 27, 2022
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June 22, 2023

Gaining a PMP Certification is one of the best achievements for an individual in the field of management. A PMP certification can take your project management career to the next level. As a PMP holder, a candidate gets multiple benefits including a salary hike, promotion, good posts, etc.

Professional Project Managers work in different industries and environments. Whether employed in an organization or working as a freelancer, a PMP certification holder enjoys certain benefits.

And what about the salary of a PMP? Well, according to the stats, the average salary of a PMP is 20% higher than the ones not having any certification. Due to this, the career of the PMP project manager is bound to boost rapidly.

Apart from career opportunities and salary hikes, there are a lot more reasons to enrol in a PMP certification program and become a PMP professional. Let us look at how one can become a PMP professional.

Steps for Becoming a PMP

Before becoming a PMP, a candidate has to gain all the education and training experience. The PMI (Project Management Institute) provides the candidates with different options depending on the educational qualification gained by the candidate.

Below are the requirements:

  • Candidates having a four-year degree have to complete 36 months of education and training
  • Candidates having a high-school degree must complete 60 months of project management education and training in some of the best leading projects.

No matter what education level one has, the PMP candidates have to acquire 35 hours of training as per the PMI content guidelines. Hence, you would need a course to complete the required training hours and learn the basic to advanced PMP concepts. It is where iZenBridge PMP course proves to be one of the best institutes that helps candidates prepare for the PMP exam.

With iZenBridge, the candidates get access to the live sessions and access to e-learning portals that complement each other and provide the best learning experience. The practice tests provided by the iZenBridge will help you have a fair view of how the exam will be. The acquired agile knowledge and project management skills help in enhancing and brushing up the candidate’s intellect for project management. What’s more?

The PMP certification course by iZenBridge helps you gain all the knowledge and expertise within six weeks. By following the content framework as per the PMI, the iZenBridge is bound to help the candidates in their preparation. Thus, applying to iZenBridge will be of great help!

Here are the steps:

1. Fulfill the Requirements We all know that to become a PMP credential holder, one needs to fulfill two important requirements. Firstly, one has to have 35 hours of education and coursework. Secondly, the candidate has to have 36 months of professional experience working on leading project activities. Once these two conditions are fulfilled, one can definitely become a PMP.

2. Enroll in a Course iZenBridge’s PMP certification course helps a lot when it comes to gaining knowledge and expertise needed to pass the exam. The course helps in fulfilling the first condition mentioned in the previous point. It also helps you gain knowledge and expertise. A proper framework and study plan need to be followed which is possible by applying for a course. You will learn the best project management practices to lead and direct the projects. You will receive access to an e-learning system, live sessions, doubt resolvent, regular mock tests, and continuous support.

3. Applying for the Exam In order to apply for the PMP exam, it is important to get your professional education and experience conditions fulfilled. The candidate must complete 36 months of project management experience in compliance with PMI content guidelines. In the application form, you have to write these things in detail. Upon submitting the form, the PMI provides the approval. The approval usually comes in less than ten days. Fill out the form, and after the approval pay the fee and get ready for the next step.

4. Become a PMI Member It is highly recommended to become a PMI member. For becoming a PMI member, one has to pay $129 along with an application fee of $10 for the first issue. PMI membership provides access to a huge amount of material to the candidates like PMBOK® guide, courses, access to events, etc. To become a PMI member, candidates can visit the official website, i.e.,

5. The Certification After you have cleared the PMP certification exam, it will take some weeks for the certification to reach your home or you can download it from their Dashboard after 24 hours of result declaration. For maintaining the PMP® certification, one has to fulfill CCR, i.e., Continuous Certification Requirement for which you need 60 PDUs in 3 years.

Becoming a PMP means that one is globally recognized in the field of management. A PMP is one of the high-level credentials that provide individuals with great job opportunities and salaries. iZenBridge helps the candidate in reaching their PMP goal, being a complete solution to get PMP-certified. Their courses will help the candidates in having deep insights into the management activities, techniques, and methods.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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Q. Is it worth being PMP certified?

A. PMP is undoubtedly a beneficial credential to showcase on your CV. It provides the candidate with multiple benefits like industry recognition, better leadership & project management skills, career growth, salary hike, etc.

Q. What is the cost of PMP certification?

A. For PMI members, the cost is $405 (23,459 INR), and for non-PMI members, the cost is $555 (42,863 INR).

Q. How much time does it take to do the PMP certification course?

A. At iZenBridge, the course is completed within six weeks of commencement. The students are provided deep insights into the field of project management. You will require around 200 hours of preparation and iZenBridge helps you create a roadmap to effective preparation within 2 months.

Q. Is the PMP exam hard?

A.PMP is one of the most challenging exams. Candidates are tested on the basis of management, analysis, etc. It might be hard if you do not have the proper guidance, however, but with the right training program and preparation, you pass the exam in one go!. Nearly 99% of candidates pass the exam on their first attempt.

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