Here, I am giving you a detail perspective on how to earn sixty PDUs and maintain your PMP® certification. After every three years, a certified PMP® professional needs to renew their credentials. A PMP® professional is required to have earned sixty PDUs during these three years.

I often get several queries related to PDUs, how do we earn sixty PDUs? and is it an expensive affair and so on.

After Dec 2015 CCR changes, the ways of earning PDUs became more easy and flexible. And you can choose them as per your interest and needs of your profession.

If you are looking to know the ways of earning PDUs, you may refer my blog – “Ways to earn PDUs for PMIs certification”. In the current blog, I am focusing on simple ways to earn PDUs to continue your PMP® certificate.

Before getting into the details of simple ways of earning PDUs, I would like to highlight some of the key points in earning PDUs.

  • According to the PMI’s CCR, you are required to earn at-least 35 PDUs under Education category.
  • The good news is that you can choose to earn all of your sixty PDUs from any one of the Education categories.
  • Here key point to remember that PDUs earned under education category are mapped with the three dimensions of the Talent Triangle. These are the skills which are important to be successful in the project management.
    • If your learnings activities for the PDUs belongs to the Team Development helps in achieving the project goal. You need to map them in “Leadership” category.
    • If these are related to the process, tools & techniques assist in the aligning project with the strategic goal, you need to map them in “Strategic” category.
    • In case, your learning activities belong to the areas of project management according to the “content outline of PMP® certification”, map them in “Technical” category of Talent Triangle.
  • You can earn 1 PDU for each hour you spend in learnings related to PDUs earnings

Now come to the easy and popular ways to earn your sixty PDUs:

  • Read Books: For me, books are my good friends. And Read is my favourite category. I earned all of my sixty PDUs by reading books. If you like reading to take your skills to the next level, you can make a reading list in the areas of project management, leadership, and strategic business management. My blogs on earning Technical , Strategic , and Leadership PDUs will help you to get few ideas of books assist in earning PDUs.
  • Watch Videos: The next option is to watch videos in the areas of Talent Triangle. I have listed my playlist in Technical Strategic , and Leadership categories in their respective blogs.
  • Courses from REPs: You can earn PDUs also by attending programs organised by REPs. It is preferred most of the time when you are planning your next certificate. After PMP® certification, if you are planning PMI-ACP® or PMI-PBA® these could be the right opportunities to earn PDUs as well. Other programs which offers PDUs are CSM, CSPO, SAFe Agilist etc. We also have some Free programs which can help you in earning PDUs;
  • these programs are listed at official website of PMI.

When people call me for PDUs and I explain all these rules, many times they get confused and ask me simple questions like, ‘tell me what I can do to get PDUs fast and preferably free?’ In the following section, I am dividing this advice into two categories –

PDU Tips for people not in Hurry

Most of you will fall into this category, and I believe this category people should not spend money just to get PDUs, they can attend training to learn but not for PDUs

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Watch videos on Project Management and get PDUs under Category Online or Digital Media.
  • Since you are not in hurry, you will also get eight PDUs of Category ‘Work as a Practitioner’ for three years working as Project Manager
  • Attend our periodic Webinars and earn PDUs under Category ‘Online and Digital Media.’
  • Write a blog for a community (consider writing for us too) and claim PDUs under Category ‘Create Content’.
  • Attend Chapter events or other conferences, you will be given activity code by the organizers of the events. You can claim PDUs under ‘Course or Training.’
  • Read books relevant to project management and claim PDUs under Category ‘Read.’

PDU tips for people already in suspension period

This section of advice is for the people who have not renewed the PMP® after finishing off three years cycle and undergoing one year of the suspension period. Usually, the realization dawns upon late when already near to the suspension. So, keep tab on the following:

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Watch videos on Project Management and fill PDUs under Category ‘Online or Digital Media’. I am sure you will make most of the PDUs from our Youtube channel.
  • You most probably working as busy project manager, that is why forgot to renew PMP® certification, so claim eight PDUs of Category ‘Work as a Practitioner’ for three years working as Project manager.
  • If you still lack some PDUs, think about the last three years, have you attended some project management training if yes claim it in ‘Course or Training.’ REPs do not necessarily organize all training programs. If these programs are organized by the third party, still by providing the course description and name you can claim your PDUs.

I hope this blog has sufficiently answered your all queries related to ‘How to earn 60 PDUs and maintain your PMP® Certification during your professional career without spending much. If you have follow-up questions, post them in the comment box provided we would be more than happy to assist you.

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