In this blog. I am providing details to earn PDUs under the Strategic category of Talent Triangle.

Let’s begin with a brief insight around Strategic PDUS:

Strategic category of Talent Triangle represent the skills helps to deliver better business outcomes. These are the processes; tools & techniques contributes to the larger organization strategy.


Following are the few examples of strategic business management (but not limited to):

  • Benefit Management and Realization
  • Business Models and Structures
  • Benchmarking and Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Relationship and Satisfaction
  • Market and Industry Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliances
  • Operational Functions (Finance, Marketing, etc.)
  • Strategic Planning, Analysis and Alignment

Minimum & Maximum Strategic PDUs for PMIs Certification’s: The minimum and maximum Strategic PDUs requirements for each PMI’s certificate are as below:

Minimum & Maximum Strategic PDU

If your PMI certificate is expiring before 1st Dec 2017, then you need not be worried about these minimum PDUs requirements. Before Dec 2017, it is recommended to follow the new format, but not mandatory.

How to earn Strategic PDUS?

Strategic PDUs are applicable for any of your PMI certificates. Following are many possible ways to earn these PDUs.

  • Reading Books: You can earn strategic PDUs by reading books related from above mentioned strategic areas. The Internet is full of books which talk about customers, industry analysis, etc. I earned strategic PDUs by reading following books:
    • Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell: The book provides importance of personalized and customized customer service. You need to create fan customers as satisfying them is not enough. Book shares the hands-on practical philosophy to excel marketplace and shows how hugging works for the business.
    • Good to Great book by James C. Collins: This book describes characteristics of organizations who becomes ‘good to great.’
      • These organizations have humble leaders work for what’s best for the company
      • These organizations have right people in the right place. The book communicates importance about finding right people and trying them in different positions.
      • Leader confronts the hard facts without losing hope and consider careful analysis about what’s makes money.
    • Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell: This book talks about how a little thing can make a difference in the business. The books provide insight how people change the ways of thinking of selling products and spreading their ideas.
    • The Curve by Nicholas Lovell: This book explains that sometimes companies wins by releasing FREE products. But at the same time, they get fans to pay more for customized services.

Note: You can earn 1 PDU for each hour you spend in reading Strategic content. You can report these PDUs under ‘Read’ category of Education PDUs. You can refer my blog on “How to report Read PDUs” which will assist you in reporting PDUs

  • Watch Videos: You can earn Strategic PDUs via online learnings also. You can watch pre-recorded videos relevant to Strategic topics. Here, I am providing my ever-growing playlist which I used in earning Strategic PDUsThese videos include following Strategic topics but not limited to:
    • SWOT analysis for strategy development
    • Movers and shakers in business agility and impact of agile across functions and groups
    • Technology as driving factor in business agility
    • Identifying value proposition for the customer’s satisfaction
    • Ways to develop business strategy.

Note: You can earn 1 PDU for each hour you spend in learnings through these online and digital mediums. You can report these PDUs under ‘Online and Digital Media’ category of Education PDUs. You can refer my blog on “How to Report Online & Digital Media PDUs”, which will assist you in reporting PDUs.

  • iZenBridge Free Programs: You can also enroll in our FREE Courses to earn few Strategic PDUs. For more details, you can refer our FREE program listing.
  • We do also conduct frequent FREE webinars on Strategic topics. My advice is to keep an eye on our periodic FREE Webinars. Our learning resources can help you in earning PDUs for your CCCRS

I hope this blog has answered all of your concerns related to how to earn Strategic PDUs. For the technical and leadership components of Talent Triangle, you may refer my blogs on earning technical PDUs and leadership PDUs.

In case you have follow-up questions, please post them in the comment box, and we would be more than happy to assist you.