Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)

Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)

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It describes the old CSP process which was applicable till 31st December 2017 only. For The new CSP process, please visit Scrum Alliance website.

About Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)

For most Scrum professionals, the Scrum Journey starts and ends with CSM Certificate

In a recent survey on our Scrum User Group, most participants rated CSP certificate as most desired but difficult to achieve, even Scrum Alliance data confirms this trend, out of all Certified Scrum Masters in India only 1% could reach their CSP Goal

Eligibility Criteria For Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)
  • 36 months of Agile/Scrum work experience, gained within the past 5 years,
  • At least one foundational certificate from Scrum Alliance. CSM, CSD, CSPO are foundational Scrum certifications.
  • 70 SEUs (Scrum Educational Units) – during a three-year period prior to your CSP certification (We will help you here)

We are an REP with Scrum Alliance, Earn SEUs while going through our enriching online programs under various Categories.  With an advanced Scrum certificate like CSP you demonstrate the knowledge and experience in real Scrum environment.

Here are different Categories of SEUs which we will provide you :-

Category ‘A’ SEUs

Category A has a maximum limit of 45 SEUs, you can earn these by attending our Scrum User group events, like Annual Discuss Agile Conference, Webinars, and other online events. Within 3 weeks of your CSP Journey, you can earn up to 5 SEUs in this Category.

Category ‘B’ SEUs

You can earn unlimited SEUs in this Category, that’s why we love it. We have multiple programs which can help you achieve enough SEUs in this category. Check programs listed below to earn SEUs in Category B.

Introduction to Agile & Scrum 8 SEUs BUY @ USD 75
Kanban for Software Development Teams 4 SEUs BUY @ USD 49
Agile Principles and Mindset 4 SEUs BUY @ USD 39
Scrum Master Certification Course 6 SEUs BUY @ USD 77
Please note – As per updated guidelines from SA, only 17 SEUs can be claimed by online training.

For participants from India, we have following classroom training which offer SEUs in Category B

ICAgile Certification in Agile Coaching 24 SEUs UPCOMING CLASS
Category ‘C’ SEUs

You can claim 15 SEUs under Category C, we will help you claim these SEUs in case you have attended a classroom training of iZenbridge like SAFe Agilist or Kanban System Desgin. If you have attended any other training, we will help you file SEUs.

Category ‘D’ SEUs

If you are involved in voluntary work in adapting to scrum and agile, you can earn category ‘D’ SEUs. You can be a volunteer for regional or International Scrum gatherings or Scrum User groups to gain SEUs in this category.

Category ‘E’ SEUs

If you read a book on Agile and Scrum, we can help you in filling your SEUs. You have multiple options to earn SEUs in this category. Reading a book is easiest and cheapest option to follow. You can pick of any book written by CST or any popular book on Agile and scrum, there is no guideline from Scrum Alliance on which book to read.

Category ‘F’ SEUs

If you are attending web events or doing co-training on agile and scrum, you can earn category ‘F’ SEUs. Lots of iZenbridge web events, meet-ups, hangouts will fall in this category. Within 3 weeks, you can earn upto 5 SEUs in this category. 

Smart Strategy and Notes – With the current structure of CSP, Scrum Alliance has made it difficult to claim CSP without engaging in offline training or community related activities of Scrum Alliance. Here is how a typical CSP application stands in terms of SEU Calculation.

CAT B is Very important – Its unlimited. You can claim 14-16 SEUs in 2 days CSM classroom (Some CSTs offer 14 while other offer 16). First option is, you can explore other Scrum alliance training Like CSPO, CSD or training offered by REPs. If thats not possible, all your 17 online SEUs should come from this category, explore online REP training.

CAT E has a significant contribution – You have option to claim SEUs in Category E by reading a book and that’s the easiest and cheapest SEU option.

If you do these two things, you will be standing with 46-48 SEUs under 2 categories. For remaining 24-26 SEUs you may explore offline training from a Scrum Alliance REP. If that’s not available in your location, you can explore offline events organized by Scrum Alliance User groups or community. Explore upcoming Scrum Alliance events in your city, you can earn upto 45 SEUs in Category A with these events.

Content Outline

Your CSP journey with iZenbridge starts with following Online programs which offers SEUs under Category B.
  • Introduction to Agile & Scrum – Online Program (8 SEUs)
  • Agile Principles and Mindset (4 SEUs)
  • Kanban for Software Development Teams (4 SEUs)
Introduction to Agile & Scrum – Online Program

This program gives you opportunity to explore agile and scrum at your own place and pace, It an online program which gives you access to rich video content of agile and scrum.

Program Details
  • Agile Framework – An introduction of agile, its values , principles and relevance
  • Introduction of Scrum – Scrum , Idea behind Scum, roles, practices , artifacts and ceremonies.
  • User Stories – Lesson on writing good user stories
  • Agile Estimation – What is estimation and how to do it in agile projects?
  • Value Based Prioritization – We will discuss usage of techniques like MoSCoW , Kano in product backlog prioritization
  • Agile Planning – This lesson gets in details of Release and Sprint Planning, it also gives good perspective on estimating velocity.
  • Agile Monitoring – We discuss many agile monitoring tools in this lesson , tools like Burndown Chart , Velocity Chart gets discussed at length
This Program offers 8 CAT B SEUs
Agile Principles and Mindset

A program to learn Agile Based Project Management

Many of you may have an idea about agile but here first we explore why we need agile now. Once we know the need behind agile we get into knowing agile well.

This program gives you various project contexts and see in which context agile is best suited.

Content Outline:
  • What is Agile: Understand agile values and principle and also gets an idea of need of agility in current business environment.
  • Agile and Project Management: This program develops understanding of agile in PMBOK terms.
  • When to use Agile: Learn how to select software development method based on project characteristics.
  • Doing Projects in Agile: A conceptual learning about how to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and close the project.
  • How Roles Changes in Agile: This sections covers information about how key result areas of developers, project managers, business analyst, PMO, tester, system architects etc. changes in agile environment.

This Program offers 4 CAT B SEUs

Kanban for Software Development Teams

A program to improve software development process using kanban principles and practices

Most of the recent surveys show growing adaption of Kanban processes. The fast adaption of agile based processes shows that software development groups are responding to the need of business.

This program gives you implementation tips for software development using Kanban principles.

Content Outline:
  • Getting Started with Kanban for Software Development: Understanding of generic software development problems using Kanban principles.
  • Lean Software Development: This section explores how 7 lean principle concepts can be applied in software development
  • Visualizing Work: Learn how to make work and work flow visible
  • Work in Progress: Conceptual learning and understanding in knowing importance of putting WIP limits.
  • Managing flow: To ensure a smooth flow of work to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Additional Learning: Extended video content to cover many Kanban topics to help you in clarifying concepts in more detail.


Q. What are the eligibility criteria for CSP?
A. Eligibility Criteria for CSP:

  1. You need to have one base Scrum Certification out of CSM®, CSPO®, CSD® 3
  2. 36 months minimum experience of scrum acquired in last 5 years.
  3. You should have played scrum role in this duration. You need to acquire 70 Scrum Educational Units (SEUs)

Q. Is there any exam for becoming CSP?
A. Till now there is no exam, you have to apply for CSP when you meet the eligibility criteria, CSP is awarded based on the quality of your application.

Q. What is scrum alliance fee for CSP?
A. CSP fee is divided in two parts.

  • 1. $100 for review and process your application.
  • 2. $150 for getting your CSP certificate once its approved.

So your total investment would be $250

Q. How much time does it take to get my CSP application approved?
A. If everything goes fine and there are not review comments or follow up, your CSP application would be approved within two weeks. In case its comes in a review, it will take two more weeks to get review comments cleared.

Q. What is CSP FastTrack?
A. CSP FastTrack is a 70 SEU package designed to help you become CSP in maximum 2 weeks. We will give you access to our online programs which you can complete and we will upload your SEUs.

Q. What are different category SEUs and how to claim these?
A. how to earn seu

Q. I attended a program in my company, can I claim SEUs?
A. If it’s an agile training, you can claim a maximum of 15 CAT C SEUs. For that, the training program should have clearly defined learning objectives; it should have contributed to your role as a scrum master. You have to clearly define the learning objectives and how this training contributes to your profile while applying for SEUs.

Q. Do I get SEUs from iZenBridge Classroom training?
A. Yes, our PMI ACP classroom training provides 16 CAT B SEUs, you can claim 15 SEUs under Category C from our SAFe Agilist class.

Q. Are your online programs approved by Scrum Alliance for providing SEUs?
A. Yes, izenbridge is a registered REP; We have a number of online programs approved under category B by Scrum alliance. Here is the list of our programs.

  • 1. Introduction to agile and scrum – 8 Category B SEUs
  • 2. Kanban for software development teams – 4 Category B SEUs
  • 3. Agile Principles and mindset – 4 Category B SEUs

Q. How do you help in Claiming SEUs under Category E?
A. We have created a complimentary video program hosted on YouTube using which you can claim 15 SEUs. You can claim 1 SEUs for every one hour video.
We also guide you in claiming the SEUs from a book which you read or planning to read on Agile and scrum.

Q. How do you provide SEUs under Category F and A ?
A. We do lot of live webinars and other interactions, if you participate in these, you can claim SEUs. If a webinar is organized by our Scrum User group – Discuss Agile Network, you can claim SEUs under Category A, if its organized by iZenBridge, you can claim SEUs under Category F.

Q. How can I keep track of upcoming webinars which provide SEUs?
A. You can follow our Facebook page or twitter handle for updates related to upcoming web events. We have a dedicated area in our forum, where we post all updates related to upcoming events under Category A and F.

Q. How Do you help me in filling my scrum experience?
A. We have laid out some guidelines and examples based on our experience and interaction in past with CSP aspirants. You can craft your experience based on those guidelines, if you have further queries, you can post in the forum.

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