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I Prepared Well Still I Failed in PMP® Exam

Before I share the view on how to avoid failing in PMP ® exam, I would like to acknowledge people who are brave enough to give the PMP® exam many of us keep delaying the PMP® exam in fear of failing. In my view failing in PMP® exam is far better than delaying or never giving the exam at all. In recent time I had many video conversations around this topic, and in this blog, i am addressing the finding…

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PMP Journey

PMP® Exam Preparation – How to beat procrastination and get certified in shortest possible time?

Are you thinking of Earning PMP® credentials for many years? Do you come up with endless reasons for not being able to do it? Perhaps, you are not alone. I am in the profession of helping people get PMP Certified and I come across many such cases every day. People give all mundane reasons for the endless postponement. PMP is an important milestone of your career and if you believe, then you need to do something quickly. All your reasons…

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Why I Stopped Doing PMP® Classroom Training

I have nothing against the PMP® trainers. Trust me, there are so many great trainers and faculties worldwide teaching project management, I have an earnest respect for their knowledge and teaching style. The real problem lies somewhere else; it’s in the format of PMP® Bootcamp or 36 hours class. Read further to understand what I mean. I started as a PMP® trainer some four years ago. I love teaching PMP® and its very close to my heart. I have taken…

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Project Scope vs Product Scope

Product Scope Vs Project Scope

What is the Difference between Product Scope and Project Scope? – One of the Frequently Asked Question on our various Forum interactions. Since it is an important concept both for PMP® and PMI-PBA® exam, in this blog I am presenting a detailed perspective on both of these concepts. First, let’s discuss a simple example: David, an office executive, made a call to a Fast Food Centre to order the “Aloo Tikki” burger, and he mentioned that he needs delivery at…

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PMI-PBA Business Case

Business Case – A living Document in Project Execution

A Business Case is a document which gives you a way to validate the project benefits. The Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide from PMI (on page no: 36) says: A business case is a living document that is constantly referenced throughout a program or project of work. It may be necessary to review and update a business case based on what is discovered as a program or project progresses over time But in the reality, how many times…

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