Planning to renew your CSM, A-CSM or CSPO Certificate and worried about Earning SEUs?

Worry not.

I got you covered.

By the end of this blog, you will have a clear idea of how many

SEUs are required to renew each certificate and ways to earn required SEUs. The table below explains the SEUs and fee required for each certificate starting Feb 2019.

SEU requirements for renewal - Scrum AllianceHere are a few general rules you should be aware of before moving on –

  •  One SEU means 1 hour of activity (Learning, Contributing to scrum Community, Reading)
  • You can claim a maximum of 8 SEUs from one day of activity. For example, if you attend a training or workshop that lasts for more than 12 hours in a day, you can only claim 8 SEUs
  • There is no category limitation for renewal, you can earn any number of SEU under any category.

Category A- This category says you can claim one SEU per hour, if you are participating or attending any of the Scrum Alliance associated gatherings or events or user group activities, For more details, please check Scrum Alliance ways to earn SEUs. Scrum Alliance has given a list of sub-categories to help you understand better.

SEUs option in category A

Category B- This category states that any training program imparted by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST ) or a Registered Education Provider (REPs). The SEUs you earn by attending other scrum alliance training programs fall in this category. For example, if you are CSM certified, you can earn 16 SEUs in this category by attending a CSPO Workshop towards your CSM renewal.

SEUs option in category B

For more details, please check Scrum Alliance ways to earn SEUs page. iZenbridge is a REP with Scrum Alliance and we have many online and offline sessions that can help you earn SEUs.

Category C- SEUs earned by attending training by other providers such as Scaled Agile Academy, ICAgile, PMI can be claimed in this category. Check different categories below before claim SEUs.

SEUs option in category C

Category D-  This category recognizes the voluntary services related to Agile/Scrum. This is, in a way the Scrum Alliance wants you to spread Scrum awareness, give back to the community what you have learned so far.

Category E- This category recognizes your independent learning (Asynchronous Learning). This Category has an upper limit of 15 SEUs. For more details, please check Scrum Alliance ways to earn SEUs.

SEUs option in category E

Category F- This category also earns you 15 SEUs and recognizes Synchronous learning (Group or Collaborative Learning). You may engage in a number of collaborative learning activities with fellow Scrum practitioners. For instance, you can join a webinar which is not given by REPs or offered co-training in Scrum/Agile with any Scrum Practitioner.

SEU options in category F

Since we are Registered Education Provider of Scrum Alliance our Agile and Scrum programs fall under Category B, here I list some of the frequently conducted programs along with the number of SEUs one can earn from it.

SAFe Agilist Program15COur SAFe agilist certification program gives you 15 SEUs under Category C
ICP-ACC21CICAgile ICP ACC SEUs can be claimed in category C
ICP-ATF21CICAgile ICP ATF SEUs can be claimed in category C
PMI-ACP® Certification8CPMI-ACP® Certification SEUs can be claimed in category C
CSPO16BCSPO SEUs can be claimed in category B
ACSM16BACSM SEUs can be claimed in category B
Webinar of Scrum and Agile1 Hour =1 SEUsFIf you attend our webinar on Scrum or Agile related topics you earn 1 SEUs per one hour of learning
One Day Agile Event(iZenBridge)8FOne Day Agile Event(iZenBridge) SEUs can be claimed in category F
One Day Agile Event(Discussagile)8AOne Day Agile Event(Discussagile) SEUs can be claimed in category A
Scrum Gathering1 Day = 8 SEUsAScrum Gathering SEUs can be claimed in category A

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My CSM Certification is about to expire. How do I earn 20 SEUs for Free?

A. You can earn free SEUs by following activities –

  • You can write a blog on any Scrum Topic and earn up to 8 SEUs in category E2(Depending on the time spent in crafting a blog, researching etc.)
  • You can read a quality book on Scrum Topic and earn upto 16 SEUs, Depends on how much time you invest in reading.
  • You can attend a free webinar of iZenbridge, and earn 1 SEU for a 60 minutes webinar.
  • You can also visit our Community Channel and watch Agile and Scrum Webinars recording of 20 hours (Category E).
    Source Scrum Alliance

Q. How and where do I report my SEUs?

A. Follow these steps to report your SEUs

  • Login to Scrum Alliance profile and head to certification dashboard.
  • Click on Manage SEUs button on the bottom of this pageManage SEUs button Certification dashboard Scrum Alliance
  • You will reach a Page where details of your Current SEus will be available. In case you have earned SEUs in past, you will be able to see the listSEU Details page - Scrum Alliance
  • Scroll Down to the bottom of this page and select the appropriate category to start claiming new SEUsSEU Details page - Add new SEUs Scrum Alliance
  • Click on Create new, the options on the next page would vary depending on the category you selected. Most fields are self-explanatory. If you face any hurdle just drop a comment below and we will help.

You can join the discussion on the same in our DISCUSSION FORUM. You may also want to check our other blogs on other Professional Training. Also, watch it here to explore various ways to earn SEUs for your CSM certificate.