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Target Audience

  • Project Managers preparing for the PMP exam.

  • Project Managers looking to adopt Agile.

  • Professionals in industries beyond software seeking to apply Agile.

  • Anyone interested in understanding and implementing Agile practices for managing project requirements.

Managing User Stories and Requirements in Agile Projects Deliverables

  • Live Interactive Sessions: Participate in an engaging three and a half hour live session that covers all key aspects of managing requirements in Agile.

  • Comprehensive E-Book: Receive an e-book that delves into the core ideas of Agile requirements management within the project management context.

  • Post-Class Q&A Support: Engage in Q&A sessions after the class to resolve any queries and gain deeper insights.

  • Certificate of Completion: Obtain a certificate upon completing the program, validating your understanding of Agile requirements management.

  • Earn PDUs: Earn 3.5 PMI PDUs in the Technical Domain, contributing to your professional development.

Course Outline

Product Vision

Product Vision Understand the significance of having a well-defined product vision in Agile projects and its impact on project success.

Product Roadmap Explore how to create a product roadmap that outlines the strategic direction and major milestones of the product. Understand the relationship between MVP, MBIs, releases, and the product vision, ensuring alignment between vision and execution.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Minimum Business Increment (MBI) Grasp the roles of MVP and MBI in delivering incremental value to customers. Learn how backlog refinement and release planning relate to MVP and MBI, facilitating the delivery of
prioritized features

Epics and Features Discover how epics and features help in incrementally exploring requirements and breaking down large requirements into manageable parts.

User Stories Understand the core of Agile requirement management through user stories. Learn how to write clear and concise user stories that capture requirements from the user’s perspective, ensuring effective communication and understanding among the team.

Acceptance Criteria for User Stories Learn how to define clear and testable acceptance criteria for user stories to ensure that requirements are met. Acceptance criteria provide a clear definition of done and guide the development process.

Good User Stories (3Cs and INVEST) Understand the 3Cs (Card, Conversation, Confirmation) for effective user stories and the INVEST criteria (Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Small, Testable) for creating high-quality user stories. These frameworks ensure user stories are actionable and valuable

User Stories and Scrum Roles Gain insight into the roles of the Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Development Team in managing and executing user stories. Each role plays a critical part in ensuring that user stories are effectively developed and delivered.

User Stories and Scrum Meetings Explore the key Scrum meetings (Sprint Planning, Daily Standup, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective) and how user stories are discussed and managed in these meetings. Understand the role of backlog refinement sessions in maintaining and prioritizing the user stories.

User Story Mapping Discover the concept of user story mapping and its benefits in organizing and prioritizing user stories for better project outcomes. User story mapping helps visualize the user’s journey and ensures comprehensive coverage of requirements

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