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Target Audience

  • Project Managers preparing for the PMP exam.

  • Project Managers looking to enhance their Agile communication and tracking skills.

  • Professionals seeking to improve quality management in Agile projects.

  • Anyone interested in mastering Agile practices for ensuring project success.

Agile Metrics, Quality, and Communication for Project Managers Deliverables

  • Live Interactive Sessions: Participate in an engaging three and a half hour live session that covers all key aspects of ensuring quality, communication, and tracking in Agile.

  • Comprehensive E-Book: Receive an e-book that delves into the core ideas of Agile quality, communication, and tracking within the project management context.

  • Post-Class Q&A Support: Engage in Q&A sessions after the class to resolve any queries and gain deeper insights.

  • Certificate of Completion: Obtain a certificate upon completing the program, validating your understanding of Agile quality, communication, and tracking.

  • Earn PDUs: Earn 3.5 PMI PDUs in the Technical Domain, contributing to your professional development.

Course Outline

Build In Quality Using DoD

Build In Quality Using DoD Learn how to ensure quality by using the Definition of Done (DoD) to set clear standards for deliverables. Understand how DoD helps in maintaining consistency and meeting quality expectations.

Pull and Interactive Communication Explore the use of Kanban boards, information radiators, and daily stand-ups to facilitate pull-based and interactive communication. Learn how these tools and practices help in keeping the team aligned and informed

Managing Risks in Agile Understand the techniques for managing risks in Agile projects. Learn how to identify, assess, and mitigate risks to ensure smooth project execution and delivery.

Doing Quality Analysis in Agile Dive into quality analysis techniques used in Agile to ensure that the product meets the desired standards. Learn how continuous testing and feedback loops contribute to maintaining high quality.

Agile Metrics Gain insights into key Agile metrics such as burndown, burnup, velocity, lead time, cycle time, and throughput. Understand how to use these metrics to track progress, predict future performance, and improve team efficiency.

Conducting Retrospectives Learn the importance of retrospectives in Agile for continuous improvement. Understand how to conduct effective retrospectives to reflect on the process, identify areas for improvement, and implement changes

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Saket Bansal
Trainer & Coach - PMP®, PMI-ACP®, SAFe Agilist , KMP , CDA , ICP-ACC , ICP-ATF and CAPM®
Saket is a project Management enthusiast, a leading agile trainer and coach with experience in implementing and imparting project management practices amongst corporates and professionals. He is fo...
Experience : 20 + Years...
Trained : 15,000 + Participants

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