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Target Audience

  • Project Managers preparing for the PMP exam.

  • Project Managers looking to adopt Agile methodologies in their projects.

  • Professionals in industries beyond software seeking to apply Agile principles.

  • Anyone interested in understanding and implementing Agile practices.

Agile Fundamentals for Project Managers Deliverables

  • Live Interactive Sessions: Participate in an engaging three and a half hour live session that covers all key aspects of Agile fundamentals.

  • Comprehensive E-Book: Receive an e-book that delves into the core ideas of Agile within the project management context.

  • Post-Class Q&A Support: Engage in Q&A sessions after the class to resolve any queries and gain deeper insights.

  • Certificate of Completion: Obtain a certificate upon completing the program, validating your understanding of Agile fundamentals.

  • Earn PDUs: Earn 3.5 PMI PDUs in the Technical Domain, contributing to your professional development.

Course Outline

Overview of Agile Values

Core Values of Agile: Gain a deep understanding of the core values that define Agile. Explore how
these values foster flexibility, collaboration, and customer-centric approaches in project

Agile Thinking: Learn the thinking that support Agile values and how they guide project execution
and team collaboration.

Navigating Challenges in a VUCA Environment: Examine the unique challenges posed by a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment and how Agile methodologies help navigate and mitigate these challenges.

Embracing Agile in Modern Project Management: Understand how modern project management is embracing Agile values. Learn to see the relationship between Agile values and Project Management Principles.

Agile in Software Development: Explore how Agile was primarily designed for software development and why it is essential to understand Agile from this context first.

Agile Beyond Software: Extend the idea of iterative and incremental development to other industries. Discover the versatility and broad applicability of Agile practices across different sectors.

Evaluating Project Needs: Understand how to evaluate the specific needs, complexities, and scale of a project to determine the most suitable project management approach.

Recommending Project Execution Strategies: Learn how to develop and recommend effective execution strategies tailored to project requirements.

Choosing the Right Project Methodology: Gain insights into selecting the appropriate project management methodology, whether it’s predictive, Agile, or a hybrid approach, based on project characteristics and desired outcomes.

Integrating Scrum with Project Management: Explore how Scrum is used within the broader project management structure. Understand that pure Scrum is not typically used in isolation, but rather integrated with traditional project management practices.

Practical Application of Scrum: Learn how to adapt Scrum ceremonies, roles, and artifacts
to fit within the existing project management framework, enhancing project execution and

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Saket Bansal
Trainer & Coach - PMP®, PMI-ACP®, SAFe Agilist , KMP , CDA , ICP-ACC , ICP-ATF and CAPM®
Saket is a project Management enthusiast, a leading agile trainer and coach with experience in implementing and imparting project management practices amongst corporates and professionals. He is fo...
Experience : 20 + Years...
Trained : 15,000 + Participants

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