Webinar On Quality Planning- A Brief Study Of Quality Planning And How It Is Done!

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Created on :
May 3, 2013
Saket Bansal
Updated on :
March 20, 2023

Before we do quality planning, we plan and even before that we need to understand what the quality requirements are. The quality requirements are identified by the scope management, risk register, stakeholder register, and from the organizational management process. This is how we identify the quality requirement and then we document them that how this particular project ensures that the output generated by the project is conforming to the quality requirement.

We discussed the tools and techniques of quality planning in great details to strengthen your concept of quality planning right from the roots.

The webinar had been an interactive session since right at the onset I have requested the participants to keep listing their doubts and queries on a paper during the webinar, and we will discuss them later during Q & A break. Lots of queries poured in answered accordingly thus making the session all the more interactive, informative and engaging.

Some of the interesting questions discussed during Q & A break

  • What is the difference between quality and grade?
  • Is the configuration management planning also a part of a process improvement plan?
  • How do you measure the quality or the cost of quality?
  • What message would you like to convey to the management that does not perform quality management?
  • When there is no good planning, then the results are outright poor. How to recover from poor results or in other words how to validate the quality plan?
  • When we talk about exploratory testing, there is no plan. Does this imply that quality management fails in case of the exploratory testing?
  • What is the best time for planning quality while devising a solution?
  • How quality management differs from six sigma?
  • If we gauge it from a project perspective, do we fix the amount of cost for quality or a certain percentage of costly projects is considered or is it purely dependent on PM’s discretion?
  • Unit test, functional test, UAT/Exploration test, and Performance testing, are these entire testing done up front?
  • Who amongst QA Team and Project Management Team is responsible for the quality?
  • Is quality planning same as TDD in Agile world?
  • IS DOE-Design of Experiment is like All Pair Test where you subject the software on various environments, configurations, and dispersed user behavior?
  • Sometimes during Software management focus is on extrinsic quality and intrinsic quality takes a little back seat. How is this situation planned?

This blog gives you a brief idea of what the webinar on quality planning was all about. You can watch the video representation of this webinar on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/izenbridge.

We are delighted to see the overwhelming response of our participating members at the recent PMP® Certification webinar on quality planning held on April 2013. We talked about quality planning, what it is all about, why it is needed at all, and how we do it. These were the starters to begin with.

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