iZenBridge PMP® Training Session in Gurgaon- A Tête-À-Tête

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Created on :
April 2, 2014
Updated on :
March 14, 2023

I feel great to hold PMP® classroom training session in Gurgaon as a PMP® Trainer. The PMP® event was organized by iZenbridge. It was commenced from March 22, 2014 and concluded by March 29, 2014 on a successful note. The session was conducted at Clarens Hotel, near Huda City Centre, Gurgaon.

The learning curve has been fantastic after every session and the main contribution is the experiences shared by the participants. What I liked most about these PMP® classroom sessions is the participation and gathering of eclectic minds coming right from IT to management background which resulted in a lot of knowledge sharing across various fields.


The Venue of the session is usually very much connected via road and metro for all, who wish to attend PMP® classroom training in Delhi NCR.

I make it a point to begin every PMP® training with an introduction and few beginner exercises to make every participant involved right from the onset. To keep stress levels low for all, the best way is to use a sense of humor and encourage others too. And in this session discussion on Maslow’s theory gave us a good laugh, everyone continuously laughed for 15-20 minutes and finally broke for coffee break.

We played some PMP® games using Process Card. The Process cards with the names of process at one side and the definition of the same on the other side were distributed amongst all the participants.  The whole team played two interesting games using these Process cards:

  1. Create Process Group as given in the PMBOK® Guide.
  2. Name the process for each card after reading the definition from it

A set of process cards is given to each student as a souvenir.  These Process Cards can help in revising the process definition and the process grid while preparing for the PMP® exam.

I highly recommend the use of a case study to impart hands-on learning of the participants. We did a case study in our session where the participants were given requirements and they had to derive scope, activities and risk from the same. Participants were also required to estimate time and cost activity level. The participants were then explained their case study activities and that was the second time we all had a great laugh.

The session concluded on a pleasant note with loads of knowledge and experience sharing as a token to return to work with.

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