How to pass SAFe POPM within 7 days of your training ?

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January 5, 2023
Vishnupriya Venkataraman
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July 4, 2023

“Measure Progress – not the time that you’re working ! 

I like this quote as I believe in smart work than hard work. I wish to share my acquaintance here – 70% of my students pass SAFe POPM certification exam within one week time. “

I wish to share the same tips/tricks with you all whatever I share with my students. This will focus on core subject of SAFe POPM which will be helpful for your exam/career and also, reduces your time/effort by 50 percent.

SAFe POPM certification is considered professional certification for the role of Product Owners and Product Managers. Here, we see how to study for the SAFe POPM certification exam:

10 stepping stones to get success in SAFe POPM certification exam:

1. Start your POPM exam journey by reading all SAFe glossary terms. This will make you comfortable with SAFe terminologies.

Time Duration : 30 mins | SAFe Glossary Terms

2. Prepare your expectations on this training. Go through the workbook PDF of SAFe POPM and get to know the contents of each chapter.

Time Duration: 1 hour | SAFe Website 🡪 My Classes 🡪 POPM Class 🡪 Download workbook PDF

3. On Training first day, connect with your trainer on your current level/role experience on SAFe Agile so that he/she will guide you in this POPM course. And also, share your expectations on this training so that Trainer can facilitate as per your knowledge level. 

Be attentive all through the sessions which helps you to save preparation time. Make sure, you takes notes in separate notebook for future reference. Open your PDF document in MS edge browser and annotate in respective page to take notes.

Time Duration: 16 Hours | SAFe Website 🡪 My Classes 🡪 POPM Class 🡪 Download workbook

4. Go through the workbook pages that are covered during the class. Please make a note of concepts that are not clear.

Time Duration: 1 hour | SAFe Website 🡪 My Classes 🡪 POPM Class 🡪 Download workbook

5. After the completion of your training, complete reading all five chapters in the workbook. This will take minimum 2 days to complete if you dedicate 3 hours/day.

Time Duration: 4 hours | SAFe Website 🡪 My Classes 🡪 POPM Class 🡪 Download workbook

6. Then, go to study guide material present in Scaled website and start reading the links present in each chapter. Read each page and this will take approximately 2 days to complete if you dedicate 3 hours/day.

Time Duration: 6 Hours | SAFe Website 🡪 My Learning 🡪 POPM Class 🡪 Study guide

7. Study and practice to draw Essential configuration in scaled agile framework website to understand the role of PO/PM. Click each and every icon in essential picture to know the concepts in detail. Avoid reading other configurations as of now.

Time Duration: 1 hour |

8. Concentrate on these following topics:

Chapter One

  • Value Streams 
  • SAFe principles 
  • Roles/Responsibilities of PO/PM

Chapter Two

  • PO/PM in PI Planning 
  • SAFe Requirements hierarchy 
  • Vision & Roadmap 
  • Prioritizing the work – WSJF

Chapter Three

  • PI Smart objectives 
  • Assigning Business Value  
  • Program Board  
  • Dependencies & ROAM Risks

Chapter Four

  • Story map 
  • Story splitting 
  • PO/PM roles in all team events 
  • Pattern & anti-patterns
  • Dev Ops(very light)

Chapter Five

  • PM roles in train level events 
  • IP Iteration calendar 
  • Inspect & adapt workshop

Time Duration: 2 hours | Concentrate on these above topics

9. Take practice test from Scaled agile website and also, from iZen website. After completing the practice test, check the topics that you missed to score and read those topics again. 

Make sure you click on practice test and write. Students may do mistake of clicking real exam link instead of Practice test.

Time Duration: 2 hours | SAFe Website 🡪 Login 🡪 My Learning 🡪 POPM Class 🡪 Practice Test

10. Now, you are all set to go for SAFe POPM exam on 7th day after training. Be fresh, cool and relax. You have 90 mins to complete 45 questions and 73% is required to pass the exam(which means 33 out of 45 needs to be correct). First, complete all questions that you are sure and then, concentrate on tough questions by bookmarking.

Mark your question using bookmark so that you can revisit those questions. Read all choices carefully and then, select the answer by the method of elimination. Try to answer all questions as there are no negative marks.

Time Duration: 1.5 hours | SAFe Website 🡪 Login 🡪 My Learning 🡪 POPM Class 🡪 POPM Exam

POPM strip banner

With these stepping stones, you are guaranteed to pass the SAFe POPM exam with good score. Please visit iZenBridge website for registering our SAFe POPM classes. 

All the best for your SAFe Agile career !

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