How to Demo Technical Stories ?

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Created on :
March 30, 2023
Saket Bansal
Updated on :
June 2, 2023

Demonstrating technical stories and work to end users can be challenging, as it involves showcasing progress on tasks that may not directly correlate to visible features or improvements. This article will explore how to demonstrate technical work effectively, establish appropriate definitions of done, and identify the right stakeholders to ensure that the progress and benefits of such work are properly communicated.

Definition of Done for Technical Work

It is crucial to establish a clear definition of done (DoD) for technical work, as the criteria for completion may differ from that of user stories. Some considerations when defining the DoD for technical work include:

  1. Identifying the desired outcome or goal of the technical work
  2. Determining the necessary steps to achieve this outcome
  3. Establishing a clear point at which the work is considered complete and no further action is required

Demonstrating Technical Work

There are several ways to demonstrate the completion of technical work, depending on the specific nature of the task and the stakeholders involved:

  1. Team Level Demo: The team reviews the technical work as a whole, discussing whether the desired outcome has been achieved. The team then serves as the approving authority for the completion of the work.
  2. System Architect Review: If a system architect is involved with the team, they can review and approve the technical work. This ensures that the technical work aligns with the overall system architecture and design.
  3. Business Feature Demonstration: Rather than focusing on the technical details of the work, the demonstration can showcase how the technical tasks have enabled or improved specific business features. This might include faster search functionality, quicker page load times, or improved audit trail capabilities.

Continuing Demonstrations Beyond One Sprint

In some cases, the benefits of technical work may not be immediately apparent and may only become visible in subsequent iterations. As a result, it may be necessary to continue demonstrations of technical work beyond a single sprint. This approach ensures that stakeholders remain informed about the progress and impact of ongoing technical tasks.

Identifying Appropriate Stakeholders

It is essential to identify the appropriate stakeholders for technical work demonstrations, as different individuals may play different roles in the evaluation and approval process. Key stakeholders may include:

  1. System Architects: These individuals can provide valuable insight into the technical work’s alignment with the overall system design and architecture.
  2. Team Members: Involving the entire team in the review process can help ensure that all perspectives are considered and that the technical work is assessed holistically.
  3. Product Owners or Business Stakeholders: Demonstrating the technical work’s impact on business features can help communicate the value of the work to those who may not have a technical background.


Effectively demonstrating technical stories and work to end users requires establishing a clear definition of done, identifying the appropriate stakeholders, and choosing the right method for showcasing the work. By doing so, teams can better communicate the value and impact of technical tasks, ensuring that progress and benefits are properly understood and acknowledged. Join our ICAgile Agile Coach Certification (ICP-ACC) training program to sharpen agile coaching competencies.

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