Eclectic Gathering At The Unicom Event ‘Agile In Business’

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Created on :
February 4, 2013
Saket Bansal
Updated on :
April 5, 2023

Unicom organized an enlightening meet of eclectic minds from varied industries to share their experiences of Agile. Lots of people gathered round the table and shared their views, opinions, and journey through agile. This is what such meets are supposed to do- to make you enlightened and curious about new advances in the industry. I had my quota of experiences, knowledge dispersing, and tutorial on Agile Estimation. 
Andreas Wintersteiger CST, CEO-Objectbay ushered the discussion on resistances one faces during agile transformation. He stressed the importance of freedom at work to professionals so that they become capable to etch out their full potential.
Saurabh Sharma of Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. and Asheesh Mehdiratta of Pitney Bowes Software underlined the significance of practical approach to agile transformation.
Narendra Sengupta of Deloitte consulting India Pvt. Ltd. broached an interesting talk on the distributed agile which led to a healthy conglomeration of expert views. He spoke of an upfront discovery phase wherein one needs to balance in anticipation and adaptation. There may have certain overlaps in distributed agile methodology.
Agile Estimation is one specific topic which needs to be considered by all who are in or looking forward to agile transformation sooner or later.
The objective was to bring in a healthy discussion on the black art of estimation. Traditional way of approaching agile estimation en route function point and use case point was also discussed. I introduced story point estimation to the audience along with hands on discussion on the same. I implied the collection of user stories which I prepared for a website Also, I made an effective use of sets of planning pokers to emphasis my point in a precise manner.
User stories and poker cards were distributed amongst the participants and the game begins thus… I could sense the apprehensions on the face of few about how to score the stories. However, once started it became all the more enlightening, enjoyable and worth the time. Some of the members did read complete stories. I on my part as a product owner explained more and more about stories and assisted in estimation.
Estimates were compiled group wise after the poker session and to everybody’s surprise there has been just a minor variation of the total size of the entire project. Although all the members were from different companies and set of backgrounds and had done their own individual estimates yet one can see the efficacy of relative sizing. This brings in the point home that group estimation gives speedy, efficient, and consistent results.
The Agile in Business event spurred the aggressive discussion on our Facebook page on Poker estimation strategy and related topics.
Most importantly professionals sought to know- when does team play planning poker? We posted a poll on the same and welcomed umpteen responses which further led to an amazing session of interactive discussion.
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