Agile Coach

What is Agile Coaching

What is Agile Coaching?

Are you contemplating a career as an Agile coach? Wondering if it has any potential? Well! Being in the field of Agile coaching since 2016 and having mentored and coached several aspiring Agile coaches, I can quite relate to your dilemma since many of my clients have faced the same. To begin with, let us first look at the potential of a career in Agile Coaching. Data reveals that the Agile coach demand in the market is increasing at a…
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Roles and Responsibilities of an Agile Coach

Our blog on “What is Agile Coaching?” highlights our views on the Agile Coaching. In general, we find it helpful to look into five patterns on the agile coaching role. These five patterns are Agile Team Coach, Agile Coach-Process, Agile Coach-Delivery, Enterprise Agile Coach, and Specialized Agile Coach. In this blog, we are going to explore the roles and responsibilities of three main patterns of the Agile coaching role, Agile Coach-Process, Agile Coach-Delivery, and Enterprise Agile Coach. 1. Agile Coach-Process…
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how to build career in agile and scrum post certified scrum master

How to build a career in agile and scrum post certified scrum master 

Now, you have successfully completed Certified Scrum master classroom training. Two days of classroom training is sufficient to become familiar with Scrum and Agile framework. Further, you are looking to enhance your career as an Agile Leader. This blog is in the context of the prospects after the Certified Scrum Master. These certifications will help you to enhance your professional growth and learning. Why further Agile certifications are important after CSM? Certified Scrum Master is a basic certification to enter…
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Best Agile certification

Still Confused Which Agile Certification To Choose?

Are you overwhelmed with the number of agile certifications from different educational bodies? Yes, your dilemma of choosing the right certificate is obvious because organizations are applying many agile practices topped by respected certification programs. These certifications are also ranging from entry to the advanced enterprise levels. It is important to know the differences among these certificates, in this blog I will address different Agile certifications along with their pre-requisites, eligibility, and at what level of your profession it is…
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iZenBridge Hosts Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) in Jakarta

Over 20+ years since Agile techniques first came to existence and practice, since then Agile has continued to grow and evolve in both size and variety. With the creation of Agile Manifesto in 2001, it brought the era of Agile Software development and we saw the growth of multiple frameworks and techniques around agile. This was the era when Organizations across the globe started adapting and implementing agile, and professionals wanted to upgrade themselves as per the changing market. Being…

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