Before I give you my 3 steps foolproof PMP® study plan, it is important to understand why we need it in the first place. I have been receiving questions related to PMP® study plan from a long time now. Sometimes, people who have already cleared their PMP® and are an active practitioner comes up with the suggestions of the PMP® study plan based on their experiences. Here, it is very important to understand that any one plan can be suitable for one person and this doesn’t guarantee that the other fellow can also have benefits from the same study plan. This means you cannot devise your study plan on the basis of any other individual’s personal experience without customizing it as per your requirements. Not all the books or study materials that have been successful for somebody else would be suitable to you.

To set straight this confusion I have a 3 step simple approach to devise a PMP® study plan. Herein I have clearly set goals and activities apart since goal for all is one but one has to find their own activities to achieve it individually. Every individual is unique and activities are directly proportional to the learning approach of an individual.

Three steps/phases with appropriate phase exit

  • Know
  • Master
  • Practice


The goal for this phase is to familiarize with PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition contents

Phase End Criteria: It is mandatory to identify your phase end criteria i. e. how much you need to score. For our students we recommend them to score 60% + in Lesson End Quizzes.You are free to use quizzes from any book or study material available to you.

Activities: this part of your study plan depends on what all material and resources are available to you i.e. what all activities you can perform to meet your goal.

  • PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition using Audio Visual format with our online course
  • Reading Preparatory books like that of Headfirst/Rita/Andy.
  • Reading and Following PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition.


Study the details of each Knowledge area prescribed in PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition.

Phase End Criteria: Score 85% + in Each Knowledge Area Quizzes. Try at least 60 questions per knowledge area before moving ahead.

Activities: some of the possible activities (completely dependent on the availability of resources to the learner) for this goal include

  • Using our Audio Visual course, master PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition Content and Knowledge Area Quizzes
  • More focus on PMBOK® Guide reading. Make sure you have a good grasp over all the contents of PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition
  • Reading Preparatory books like that of Headfirst/Rita/Andy. Solving Lesson end quizzes with the target of 85%+


The goal for this phase is to develop endurance and get comfortable with the integration of knowledge areas

Phase End Criteria: Score 80% + in expert simulation exams. Be cautious since this part is tricky and tends to confuse candidates and delay the certification too.

Activities: Pick some reliable and good resource of question bank, practice 3 to 4 full length or 600 to 800 questions. It is very important to practice as many as questions possible but what is more important here is what you learn from one test with full concentration. I have seen many people taking umpteen numbers of tests just to ensure that they have prepared well. Learning can be possible even with fewer tests too.

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