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PMP Q #36- Visualize work using Kanban Board

Q36. Below is the team’s Kanban board on the 9th day of 10 days of iteration. What can be inferred? (select two)

 work is on track
B. No story is done
C. Story B and C will get tested tomorrow.
D. The probability of Finishing Story F is higher than others.

Here the team uses the Kanban board to track and manage the flow of work and visualise the items in progress. 

Let’s look at the options – 

Option A – “work is on track” –  This information is not coming directly from this graph. You just left with one day, and everything needs to be completed out of the six items you picked up. So it’s doubtful to be on track, but the graph does not say explicitly. Some other information can say that everything remaining is small and you will get it done, but you need help seeing this extra information from the board. 

Option B – “No story is done” –  Yesdefinitely nothing is done because there is nothing in the done column. 

Option C – “Story B and C will get tested tomorrow.” –  How do you know from this board? It might be true, but difficult to say from this board. 

Option D – “ The probability of Finishing Story F is higher than others.” –  It’s clearly coming because story F is already reached the testing state, and the board is not showing any blocking or anything happening at a story F.

So options B & D are the best answers coming from this Kanban board.

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