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PMP Q #37- Monitoring using Kanban Board

Q37. Below is the team’s Kanban board on the 7th day of 10 days of iterations. What advice would you give to the team?

A. start developing story A and D.
B.  Find ways to finish story F.
C. Find ways to move story B,C & E to the test.
D. No advice as work is going good

You are already halfway through and should have some items in the Done stage. So in Agile, you should not wait for the last date to mark everything finished. I always talk about incremental development. So you can see that things are not happening that way, and you probably, as a project manager, team leader, or scrum master, need to give some advice.

So option D is incorrect. 

Kanban focuses on the practice of stop starting, and start finishing. – Once the team has started any work, they pay special attention to not starting more and more work. First, they concentrate on finishing what is already in progress. So in the  Kanban way of working, the team walk the board from right to left. So from a Done column to a backlog column rather than a backlog column to a Done column. It is because the team want more and more completion instead of starting.

So option B is correct, which is more focusing the work to mark Done. The more you mark Done, the more you make things usable, It is incremental finishing of work rather than keeping a lot of things in flow, and nothing is Done.  An efficient flow keeps the work in progress to a minimum. By finishing story F, you have at least one item complete. 

Your second focus is that you should move some items placed later in the Kanban board towards finishing (option C), and then finally, you start some new backlog items (option A).

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