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PMP Q #38- Kanban Board & Velocity

Q38. Below is the team’s Kanban board at the end of an iteration. What is the team’s velocity?

A. 14
B. 13
C. 18
D. 15

What is the velocity? It is the amount of work Done in an iteration. There are six stories on the board with their size mentioned. 

Here, only four stores are Done, and B and D still need to reach Done Stage. Do you need to take some credit for these two stories? The answer is No. So what is velocity? 

It comes after summing the total size of items marked Done. So you need to just pick up the size of these four stories (F, E, C, A) –  5 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 5, which is 13, and that’s the answer – Option B

You may want to take at least one point from the test and at least 50% from development. Please don’t get into that trap. It’s simple; ideally, you should have small stories, so you don’t have such issues. On the other hand, if such issues are happening in your ongoing iterations. In that case, you should figure out how to avoid it in the retrospective rather than start finding some calculating means to show that you are doing good and not fixing the underlining problem. 

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