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PMP Q #32- Calculate Velocity

Q32. The table below represents the status of user stories at the end of the iteration. What is the velocity of this iteration?

A. 19
B. 23
C. 11
D. 15

Let’s explore the velocity of this iteration; here, the available options are just numbers 19, 23, 11 and 15, and the whole idea is about the calculation. – 

  1. Story A  has a story point size of 8. This story met all the acceptance criteria. However, there are open defects, and the team did not complete all items based on the Definition of  Done.
  2. Story B, C & D have 3, 5, and 3 Story Points as a size. In addition, the team met a complete Definition of Done. 
  3. Story E had a size of 8 story points, and the team met 50% of the acceptance criteria. And the team could not complete the Definition of Done. 

The team completed stories (B, C, D), and you should count them in the velocity. The only question is about A and E. Should you add some points from there? If yes, how many? 

So you see here that the team completed story A, but it needs to meet the Definition of Done, and that’s the only information provided. The story E clearly shows that it’s partially done 50%, and it’s not meeting the Definition of Done. Now you may be inclined towards considering story A and E as a part of velocity or some part of Story Point as a part of your iteration velocity because both are big; they are 8-pointers. If you consider something, your iteration velocity goes up.

 So Please remember the role when calculating the velocity – it is only about Done and Not Done. 

You can consider the Done part only. You don’t have anything to do with a percentage completion, or anything is left. Also, please be aware there is no almost meeting Definition of Done. It’s meeting or not meeting. So, in this case, the calculations are simple, you need to total B, C & D, and the answer will be 11 only. There is nothing else. So, you must count the  DONE part of iteration work: stories B C and D. 

The team may suggest splitting user stories and telling the Done part of spitted user stories to count in the velocity, which is fine. But in the question, there is no indication of splitting user stories.

So the correct answer is Option C – 11

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