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PMP Q #33- Burndown Chart-1

Q33. The release was planned in four iterations. What can be inferred from the burndown chart below? After the third iteration. (Select Two)

A. The Release is behind schedule
B. The release is ahead of schedule.
C. 100 story point of work is pending
D. 100 Story point of work is done

 Here you have a burndown chart, and you need to pick up two statements out of four which you can reasonably interpret from this particular graph. 

What information is available here? For example, what is the X axis? What is the Y axis, and what is represented by the lines? 

  • In the burndown chart, in the X axis, you have iterations – iteration 1, iteration 2, or something like that. It talks about iteration numbers.
  • The Y-axis shows the remaining work in size as Story Points. 
  • The blue line represents expected or planned work for the iterations. Whereas orange colour s primarily focusing on the actual work burned. Right now, the team is at the end of iteration 3.

So, what is a burndown chart? It is an information radiator to track the remaining work and helps manage progress for the remaining work throughout the iteration and releases. In addition, the Burndown chart allows seeing how work is trending on completing deliverables. 

With this information in your hand, how do you see various options?  So let’s look at the option now.  You have a fair understanding of the graph and its lines and parameters.

The release is behind schedule. Why? Because you have more remaining work left than expected, whenever, in a burndown chart, your actual is above the expected line, it means you have more than anticipated. And what is this more number? It’s the remaining work, so when you have more remaining work than anticipated, then you are behind schedule. So option A is correct.

In this way, you don’t need to look at option B – The release is ahead of schedule because you need to catch up.

Let’s look at C (100 story point of work is pending) and D (100 Story point of work is done) now. 

You started from 200 and are now at 100 stories point work. What does it mean? Have you finished a hundred, or do you ever pending 100? Or does it mean both? Yeah, both, so the answer here is that you have a pending of 100. That is perfectly clearly coming out. 

The remaining work equals the total work minus the work Done. 

So the answer will be A and C because the burndown chart always shows what is remaining, and you can see the remaining is more than the team anticipated. 

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