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PMP Q #49- Minimum Business Increment (MBI) Release

Q49. Your team released the second MBI last week, So one MBI was before and last week you will release the second Minimum Business Increment resulting in many unexpected enhancement requests.

What is the best way to handle these requests?

A. Add them into the product backlog.
B. Create a change request for these enhancements.
C. Stick to the current release plan. Because they were unexpected requests.
D. Include request in the current iteration postponed other work.

Option A is clearly a safe option you can definitely pick up as the right answer.

Let’s see what is wrong with B, C and D. 

Option B talks about raising a change request. In Agile, the Product Backlog Refinement should take care of such changes. So, because the change request for enhancement does not make sense, you can keep option B out. 

Option C says to stick to the current release plan. The question indicates that you have an unexpected request, but in the agile way of working, you need to look at the new learning. It would be best if you keep revisiting the plan. So, sticking to the current release plan for MBI 3 is not a good idea. You may decide not to work on these enhancements, but you need to look into that.

Option D asks to include the request in the current iteration. The question does not indicate that this is something you must do it now. You only do such things as an exception where the business says they need them now, or it will impact the business. But here, we don’t see that kind of situation arising. 

So it’s simple, add the new enhancements to the Product Backlog. Now addition does not mean that team will work on them after this iteration, or the team might work on them. There will be proper refinement based on the priority, and the team will involve the appropriate stakeholders in this activity. So, based on the refinement process, the team will work on these enhancements.

So for this question, you can safely pick up option A – Add these enhancement requests to the product backlog.

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