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What are the Scrum Better with Kanban (SBK) Learning Objectives?

  • Learn how to identify and analyze the challenges in and around your Scrum and how to prepare solutions to address these challenges.

  • Identify and develop solutions to the variability that is delaying or slowing down your work.

  • Develop and test potential solutions to problems that reflect the principles and practices of the Kanban Method.

SBK Key Insights:

  • Challenges Identification: Gain the knowledge and skills needed to identify and analyze challenges within your Scrum framework and its surrounding context.

  • Solution Preparation: Learn how to prepare effective solutions to address the identified challenges and obstacles.

  • Variability Management:Identify and develop solutions to manage and mitigate variability in your work processes, which may be causing delays or slowdowns.

  • Kanban Principles: Ensure that the solutions you develop align with the principles and practices of the Kanban Method.

  • Testing Solutions: Develop a systematic approach for testing and validating potential solutions to problems within your Scrum framework, ensuring their effectiveness and efficiency.

Course contents:

Module 1: Introduction to Class

1.0 Getting started

1.1 Learning about your Scrum implementations

2.0 Know Kanban Method, Scrum

2.1 Understand Kanban Practices

2.2 Know workflow, work-items, and work-item types

2.3 Applying Kanban workflow concepts to Scrum to improve flow

2.4 Improve your Scrum board to enable better Flow of value delivery

3.0 Using Kanban with Scrum
Improve your Daily Standup with Kanban practices
3.1 Managing unplanned work
3.2 Estimation challenges
3.3 Monitor and address delays in your Sprint delivery
3.4 Understand Lead-time and address variability in delivery
3.5 Understand and address sources of delay
3.6 Improve your Backlog Refinement
3.7 Understand dormancy and improve the work flow

4.0 Understanding Change Management Principles
4.1 Using Evolutionary Change formula to understand your team’s problems
4.2 Using Evolutionary Change to figure out Ideas for solutions

5.0 Final reflections and resources
5.1 Resources

Lead by Industry Leading Trainers

Phalguna Ramaraju
Enterprise Lean-Agile Kanban Coach & Trainer | SPC | AKT | RTE | LPM | CAL1 | ICP-ACC | PMI-ACP

Phalguna Ramaraju is uniquely positioned with a range of skills, from Programmer to BU head. He is one of those coaches who truly live the Values, Principles for clients’ s...

Experience : 30+ years...
Trained : 10000+ Participants

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