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PMP Q #48- Backlog Refinement

Q48. Which of the following is NOT part of product backlog refinement activity?

A. Prioritization of the backlog items.
B. Estimation of the backlog items.
C. Splitting of large backlog items.
D. Identification of implementation tasks.

Before the iteration planning meeting, the team needs a prioritized product backlog where high-priority top items are small-size, and less-prioritized later items can be big in size. Top Product Backlog items are ready to go in the iteration backlog, which means –

  • The team understands its work well, 
  • Enough acceptance criteria are defined, and
  • Items are small enough to complete in one iteration. 

Also, Product Backlog items are emergent, so based on learning from iteration to iteration team keeps redefining Product Backlog items –

  • Add a new item to the Product Backlog if new requirements discovered
  • Remove items from the backlog that are no longer required to develop.
  • Re-assign relative priorities of product backlog items
  • Split high-priority epics (big-size items) and move them on top of the product backlog
  • Add or remove acceptance criteria to product backlog items.
  • Estimate product backlog items based on their size.

So, the team needs to relook at the Product Backlog to keep Ready top product backlog items for the next iteration. And do other refinement activities like adding, removing, re-assign relative priority, splitting big-size into small-size, and estimating product backlog items. The team does all these activities in the Backlog Refinement Meeting. They do this meeting preferably every week and before the iteration planning meeting to ensure the Product Backlog is orderly and clean. 

So the team does Prioritization (Option A), Estimation (Option B), and Splitting of large backlog items (Option C) during Backlog Refinement Meeting. So option D is the right option because the team does not identify implementation tasks in the Backlog Refinement Meeting.

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