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PMP Q #47- Escalation Process

Q47. A Stakeholder experienced in predictive methods asks where to find the escalation process in adaptive life cycle projects.

A. The communication management plan of the project defines the escalation process.
B. Iteration review meeting takes care of escalation.
C. Daily stand-up meeting takes care of escalation.
D. The escalation process does not exist in the adaptive life cycle.

In every project, even in Agile, you have formal communication needs, a contract to take care of, and some set of stakeholders to communicate various information based on their needs. So, in a project context, things like the communication management plan, stakeholder engagement plan, and quality management plan remain valid even if you are working in Agile. For example, the team usually put escalation-related communication in the communication management plan. So, please don’t assume that you don’t need communication management or stakeholder engagement plans in Agile. They are needed. 

So option A is the correct option.

Now let’s go with options to see why they are not suitable to take care of escalation-  

Option B – “Iteration review meeting takes care of escalation.” – Not necessary. After iteration, you do the iteration review meeting to review and learn what you have developed based on previous understanding and discoveries. You demonstrate and take feedback from stakeholders to identify learnings to move forward in the next iteration; that’s the whole objective. So if something requires escalation, you do not need to wait for the iteration review and make it an agenda item in the iteration review, so, not necessary.

Option C – “Daily stand-up meeting takes care of escalation.” –  The Daily Stand-up meeting is primarily for the team, so escalating during the Daily Stand-up might create more confusion than value. So instead, the Daily Stand Up focuses more on figuring out how we are doing in the current iteration and what we should do differently to meet our iteration goal. That’s the whole idea of a daily stand-up meeting.

Option D – “The escalation process does not exist in the adaptive life cycle. “ – You must also take care of escalations when working in a project space. 

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