Saket Bansal

How to Calculate Communication Channels?

Whether you lead a project, own the product delivery, or involved as a subject matter expert, you are all in the communication business.  In this business, effective communication is the most important success factor. And, increasing communication complexity is a major obstacle to ineffective communication. Now the question is how to discover your project communication complexity? The answer lies in the number of people who are communicating with each other. Knowing the number of people in the project brings awareness…

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How to Earn 60 PDUs for Free and Maintain Your PMP®Certification

  After every three years, Project Management Professional (PMP)® certified professional needs to renew their credentials. PMP® certified professionals need to have earned sixty PDUs during these three years. I often get several queries related to PDUs for PMP® certification, how do we earn sixty PMP® PDUs? And is it an expensive affair and so on. After Dec 2015 CCR changes, the ways of earning PMP® PDUs became easy and flexible. And you can choose them as per your interest…

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PMP Sample Application

How To Fill The Work Experience Details In PMP®Application Form? (PMP Sample application included )

“What is this ‘4500 hours of PMP® application hours of Work Experience Details in PMP® Application Form?” Today, I am addressing this frequently asked question by PMP® aspirants during my introductory sessions. Before getting started on PMP® journey by enrolling in a PMP® program, the question of eligibility criteria is of utmost importance. Project Management Institute (PMI)® offers the world’s most sought-after professional certification, Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification. To meet its eligibility criteria professionals are required to furnish a typical description of…

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Difference between mitigation and contingency plan

Know the Difference between Mitigation plan and Contingency Plan

A project manager and the team have a high reliance on delivering a successful project. The team has to explore risk factors that may impact the project.  For these risks, effective responses are a necessity.  Risk mitigation and contingency response planning are one of them.  But, it confuses many for the underlying differences. In this blog, I am addressing these response strategies and the difference between mitigation and contingency plan. Let’s begin with PMBOK® Guide definitions of Mitigation and Contingency…

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Difference between resource levelling and resource smoothing

Underlining the differences between Resource Leveling and Resource Smoothing?

Under the Project Schedule management knowledge area, there is a specific process called Develop Project schedule. Under this process, we have Resource Optimization Techniques and these are Resource Levelling and Resource Smoothing. In this blog, I am addressing differences between Resource Levelling and Resource Smoothing. Now, as both of these techniques are resource optimization techniques so their primary focus is to allocate resources in such a way to bring maximum output effectively. Due to this reason, Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification test-takers generally…

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