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PMP Practice Questions #1

As a project manager, when a stakeholder is worried about the requirements continuously getting added throughout the project, causing potential cost overruns and wastage, what should you do?


A. Make a list of requirements and freeze them.
B. Update the Communication Management Plan.
C. Have the stakeholders discuss their concerns with the Product Owner.
D. Explain why the project is using Agile and how Agile works.


The primary concern of the stakeholder, as indicated by the question, revolves around the continuous addition of requirements. This apprehension could arise from their experience with a predictive life cycle, which starkly contrasts with the Agile methodology. While the question doesn’t explicitly specify the life cycle, we can initially assume a hybrid life cycle. Our selection of the answer will depend on the options provided. If a predictive life cycle is in play, my responsibility as a Project Manager would be to articulate our approach to Change Control and subsequently present the Project Change Control Plan. On the other hand, if we’re in an adaptive environment, I’d elucidate our Agile approach and delve into the backlog refinement process to address the concerns.

Given this, let’s analyze each of the options in detail:

A) Freezing requirements isn’t optimal, particularly within an Agile framework. Agile approach champion adaptability, emphasizing the embrace of changes even if they emerge late in the development phase. Moreover, even within a Predictive Lifecycle where requirements are often baselined, it’s imperative to remember Principles No. 5 and 12 as a Project Manager. These principles underscore the necessity of maintaining adaptability to ensure continuous value delivery.

#5 Recognize Evaluate And Respond To System Interactions

# 11 Embrace Adaptability and Resilience

Source : PM Principles : PMBOK Guide Seventh Edition

B) While communication remains paramount, simply revising the Communication Management Plan doesn’t directly tackle the stakeholder’s particular apprehensions about the constant inclusion of requirements. If we were to approach this from a predictive lifecycle perspective, presenting the Change Control Plan would be a more fitting option.

C) Directing the stakeholder to the Product Owner is beneficial when addressing concerns about specific requirements. However, in this scenario, the stakeholder’s apprehensions are more overarching, centered on the process as a whole rather than a singular requirement. Merely redirecting them to the Product Owner may not comprehensively alleviate these broad concerns. Furthermore, as a Project Manager, you bear the responsibility of fostering a shared understanding of the process. Engaging and reassuring stakeholders falls squarely within your purview, ensuring clarity and alignment throughout the project.

D) This option directly addresses the stakeholder’s worries. By explaining why the project is using Agile and how it operates, you’re providing clarity about the process. This is crucial because a core task in the PMP exam content outline revolves around building shared understanding. The stakeholder’s worry suggests a lack of shared understanding about the Agile process, and as a project manager, it is your responsibility and accountability to ensure that this understanding exists.


The best approach in this situation is to engage directly with the stakeholder and explain why Agile is being used, its benefits, and how it operates. This not only answers their concerns but also ensures they have a shared understanding of the project’s processes. The project manager should always aim to address such concerns directly, as it helps in building trust and transparency with stakeholders.

Therefore, the most appropriate answer is Option D: Explain why the project is using Agile and how Agile works.

PMP Exam Content Outline Mapping

PeopleTask 10: Build shared understanding
ProcessTask8: Plan and manage scope
ProcessTask 10 : Manage project changes

Topics Covered

  • Change Control
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Role of the Project Manager
  • Agile ways of working

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