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From Inspiration to Certification: Shraddha’s Strategic Path to PMP Success

Stepping into the world of project management certifications? Let’s take a page from Shraddha’s book. She’s got years of experience — a whole 15 — in different roles and industries. Yet, it was a chance meeting with a PMP holder that kindled her aspiration to seek the same credential. Here in this article, we’re going to share Shraddha’s journey toward getting her PMP certification. It’s not just about the certification. It’s about getting even better at her job. Shraddha’s always been a star with numbers and tech, but she knew the PMP could sharpen her skills even more. Follow along as we walk through her experiences, from the first study session to the day of the exam. It’s a story for anyone who believes that with the right push and a bit of hard work, great things are within reach.

Background & Motivation:



Shraddha found her inspiration to pursue PMP certification through a client who had successfully achieved it. Encouraged by his suggestion to take the PMP exam, he pointed her to iZenbridge for comprehensive support and guidance in her preparation journey. With a decade and a half of experience managing diverse projects in publishing, the automotive industry, and banking, Shraddha’s career has been characterized by delivering projects that offer real business value. She has a history of applying both predictive and agile approaches, with certifications like CSM and SAFe Agilist under her belt.

Study Plan & Strategy:

Shraddha started working towards her PMP certificate back in October 2021. But sometimes life gets in the way, and she had to hit pause on her plans. She didn’t give up, though. In July 2023, she was back at it. She crafted a study routine that fits into her life and started devoting daily time blocks—two hours on weekdays and four on weekends—to her studies. Her strategy was grounded in consistency and discipline,

Shraddha followed a meticulously laid out PMP Exam Preparation Roadmap shared by iZenBridge. She kept herself on course with a personal tracking system, ensuring she could visualize her progress and stay motivated. On weekends, she’d ramp up her efforts, dedicating additional time to deep dive into complex topics or practice exam questions.

Resource-wise, Shraddha explored each chapter of the PMBOK 6 and leveraged the iZenbridge E-Learning System, praising its segmented approach to learning. Saket’s role as the lead trainer at iZenBridge was crucial in giving her the guidance she needed throughout her study.

Mock Tests & Self-Assessment:

Shraddha attempted six mock tests, with her scores progressively climbing to an average of 78%—clearly indicating that she was exam-ready. The mock tests were a mirror, reflecting both the potential exam questions and the pacing required. They were instrumental in building her confidence and honing her time management skills.

Challenging Topics & Areas:

Procurement management was a tough topic for Shraddha. She handled it by repeatedly watching Saket’s videos. She also made brief notes, which helped her review quickly. Her focus was on truly understanding the material, not just memorizing it.

Exam Day Experience:

On the day of the exam, Shraddha was ready and confident. Her rigorous mock exam practice paid off. She navigated through the questions with a strategy to not linger too long on doubts but instead flag them for review, ensuring she completed all questions within the allotted 240 minutes. She achieved “Above Target” in all three domains of the PMP exam which is a testament to her structured approach and unwavering focus.

Post-Exam Reflection & Advice:

After the exam, Shraddha was full of excitement, waiting for the PMP certification she had worked so hard for. She advises future aspirants to set clear milestones, remain consistent, and approach mock exams as key confidence builders. She emphasizes that, while calculation-based questions are minimal, a solid grasp of Agile and hybrid topics is essential.

As Shraddha concludes her story, she expresses deep gratitude to the iZenBridge team for their pivotal role in her study plan. She credits a significant portion of her success to the iZenbridge PMP preparation course and the detailed PMP Exam Roadmap provided by Saket. Their consistent support and Saket’s clear and effective teaching methods were key to her excelling in the certification exam. She praises the iZenBridge team for their excellent guidance that guided her to success. Shraddha’s journey is a testament to the impact of quality training and mentorship for those starting their PMP certification journey.

If you have aspirations to prepare for the PMP certification exam, enroll with us for a comprehensive program that goes beyond just covering the 35 contact hours. Our course is designed to ensure your success in the PMP certification exam on the first attempt. The program assists you in thoroughly exploring the exam content, creating a roadmap for your preparation, and mastering the essential knowledge and skills for all three PMP exam domains, covering all development life cycle approaches

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