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  • Lowest Cost of CSM Training in Hyderabad and 100% Practical Value.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Complimentary Online Master Program on Scrum & Agile.
  • Expert CST with 20 Years of Agile Coaching Experience.


As per 2017 state of scrum report, 86%+ Companies are implementing scrum for their complex IT systems. In Hyderabad alone, there are 100+ open job positions for Scrum Master role posted on Job portals. Companies like IBM, Wipro, Infosys, TCS are undergoing a major agile transformation and are looking for Agile certified people at every level.
Certified Scrum Master is the cheerleader within her team. They ensure that the team adheres to the scrum values and principles while creating a product faster and including the feedback of their customers.
Our two-day scrum master certification training in Hyderabad is led by an expert scrum trainer approved by scrum alliance. We introduce a fun way of implementing scrum which is 100% practical and no theory.

What will you learn?

  • Learn to perform the role of a scrum master
  • Understand Scrum values and principles.
  • Understand how to implement Scrum in large, distributed teams
  • Fun exercises to demonstrate different roles and responsibilities in the scrum team.
  • Understand how to scale scrum within multiple teams.
  • Change Management issues with scrum implementation & how to deal with them

“We stand to deliver a Continuous, enriching Learning experience to Scrum Masters beyond 2 days of training”

Download the detailed course content to understand what is being taught in the class.

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We have a panel of experience CST, in 2017 alone we trained close to 5000 professionals in Agile and Scrum. All our CSTs have a rating of 4.5 or above with 5 being best from their class.

How our CSM training is different

  • Understand Scrum in Practice, CSM Certificate comes naturally – You get to practice scrum for two days, thereby learning how its being done in real world. No theory to help you pass the exam, you will do that anyways.
  • Value for money CSM Training in Hyderabad – we specialize in delivering a low CSM workshop, which would mean 100% practical value for you.
  • Real world support and grooming – Most training providers have no value to offer beyond a CSM class. Their support ends the moment you complete the two days training. We understand that it’s your beginning in Scrum and a lot of support would be required to help you grow. We have built a support system over a period of time to accelerate your growth in the scrum. You will get access to offline and virtual communities, a ready to use the network, and a comprehensive career guidance once you join our program.
  • Community access – We have one of the thriving and live communities of scrum users. Its largest in Asia with maximum active membership.
  • Recruitment assistance – Getting a role in scrum team is critical for anyone who undergoes a training. Everything that you need to get a scrum role is available with izenbridge, you get access to top 50 scrum interview questions, free scrum quizzes, lifetime access to the comprehensive online program on Scrum, one to one career grooming free workshops, free CV review and access to a large community of practicing scrum masters.
  • Continuous learning – Scrum Alliance stresses the need to continuous learning for scrum masters. Once you are part of iZenbridge, you will get access to tons of free webinars, live events, scrum and other agile workshops designed to help you grow in your career.
  • Personal Branding as Scrum Masters- We have many success stories of our clients where they got opportunities just by being visible. If you keep contributing to the scrum communities by attending and delivering the webinars, conferences, scrum events, talks and workshops, the chances of attracting right attention becomes higher. We have platforms, motivation, support and everything that you need to grow as a ScrumMasters.
  • Career path in Scrum and Agile – ScrumMasters is considered any entry level role. Once you are familiar with scrum and successfully implemented in few projects; you naturally aspire for the next level in scrum. We help you design a career path of your choice inside agile and scrum to help you grow faster.

Course Deliverables from CSM Certification Workshop

  • Certified scrum master certificate from scrum alliance
  • Two years membership of Scrum Alliance
  • Lifetime membership of Discuss Agile community.
  • Free Scrum interview questions (With Answers explained)

Who Should Do Certified Scrum Master Training?

iZenbridge has been conducting CSM training across India from last two years. Around 40% of people who do Scrum Certification are already working in Scrum. Rest around 20-25% are project managers or lead roles planning to transition to agile. A significant chunk consists of people who working in software development or testing.
Scrum is not limited to IT projects only. As per the state of scrum report 2017, scrum is used by marketing, R&D, operational domains and delivering good results.
Certified scrum master is for anyone who want to implement this methodology, though its most suitable for complex IT systems. Scrum is recommended but not limited to following profiles

  • Project managers/Delivery managers/IT managers/
  • Existing scrum practitioners (To understand scrum the way it is)
  • Software developers/QA/ Software testers etc.

Why Certified Scrum Master?


If you are planning to get CSM certification, you might be having a lot of questions which you need to be addressed before you can enrol in an upcoming class, off course our sales team is always there to answer any of your queries, here are some of the frequently asked questions which you may like to go through

Q: What is covered in a two days CSM Workshop?

A: The Certified Scrum Master workshop prepares you for the role of a scrum master in your team. It’s an entry level workshop. You can expect answers to following questions in a CSM workshop –

  • What is Scrum and how it’s different from Traditional and other Agile Frameworks
  • What are core values of Scrum
  • When to use scrum – Project complexity and other determining factors.
  • What are different roles and responsibilities in a scrum team
  • What are different meetings and ceremonies in scrum – i.e. Daily stand-up, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and Release Planning
  • What are different artefacts in Scrum – Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and Burndown Charts etc

Q: How Do I Decide whether Certified Scrum Master training is appropriate for me?

A: Scrum Master workshop is for anyone who wish to learn this new framework for project management. Most IT enterprises in India have already adopted Agile and Scrum, if you are working as an IT professional in companies like TCS, Wipro, IBM, Infosys, Sapient, HCL and other similar organizations, a great understanding of Agile and scrum and scrum master certificate can help you accelerate your career.

Q: What is the cost of CSM Certification?

A: The cost of scrum Certificate is $100, its included in the cost of workshop and needs to be paid by the trainer himself.

Q: What is the process of getting certification?

A: You need to attend 2 days Mandatory certification workshop, post that there would be an online exam.

Q: What is the exam pattern for Certified Scrum Master exam?

A: 35 Objective type questions based on the scrum guide. There is no negative marking and you get an hour to complete and submit this exam.

Q: How many Attempts one gets to clear Scrum Master Exam?

A: Scrum Alliance give you two attempts to clear the exam, if you are unable to clear in two attempts, you can pay and take one more attempt.

Q: What is the passing percentage in CSM exam?

A: Passing percentage is 65. 24 Answers should be correct out of 35. You get two attempts, and exam is based on the scrum guide and what is being taught in two days of classroom workshop.

Q: Do you provide Job Assistance as well?

A: By default, CSM workshop does not come with a Job assistance. Though, we groom you for the role of a scrum master, here are some steps to grooming program which can accelerate your job search as scrum master –

  • Scrum Interview Guide – Top 50 Scrum Interview Questions and their answers. -Free
  • Scrum Quizzes – 50 Quizzes on scrum, to help you clear the pre-selection tests, clarifies your concepts on scrum
  • Free Career Coaching- We organize one to one sessions with our trainer to help you design a career of your choice. These sessions are free and exclusive to our customers.
  • Free PR and Networking Opportunities – You can write a blog on izenbridge or Discuss Agile portals. You can also contribute to our YouTube channel, be a speaker to our next scrum events in your city, take an online webinar which is broadcasted to our customers. All these activities are designed to create a personal brand which can make you visible; so that recruiters can spot you.

Q: There are so many agile training institutes in Hyderabad, How are you different?

A: We are unlike any other Agile institutes. We only work with a selected set of Agile Trainers, after registering you will receive great online content, constant grooming for your next level of career in Agile, lots of free consulting and coaching over the lifetime. The partial answer to this question is also covered in previous question.

Q: Which companies are offering scrum master jobs in Hyderabad?

A: Almost all IT companies are following scrum and looking for people who can join their scrum teams as Scrum Master, product owner or an Agile coach.  If you develop a good working understanding of Agile and Scrum, getting a ScrumMasters role is not that difficult in Hyderabad. Typically IBM, TCS, Infosys and Cognizant are considered the best payers for Scrum Master profile in Hyderabad.

Q: Do you provide a scrum master online Course as well?

A: Scrum Alliance has made it mandatory to attend a classroom workshop in order to attain a CSM certificate. They prefer face to face interaction over an online or virtual learning. Along with the classroom workshop we will give you following 3 programs online –

  • Scrum Framework for creating value – A Complete Scrum Master online course
  • Agile Principles and Mindset – Helps you understand how Agile Mindset is different from a traditional mindset
  • Kanban for software development teams – A free introductory program on Kanban. After going through this course, you can start implementing Scrumban, or Kanban for productivity in your scrum team, the course explains the kanban method thoroughly.

Q: Do you have a Centre in Ameerpet?

A: Our trainings mostly happen in Hotels, we keep scheduling batches close to Ameerpet and other IT hubs in Hyderabad.

Q: Why is iZenbridge the best scrum master training in Hyderabad?

A: We strive to create a great value for our CSM participants with lot of support and study material designed to give you an edge over your peers.

Q: What Other Agile trainings do you offer in Hyderabad?

A: iZenbridge offers host of Agile Training for IT professionals in all major cities of India. 100s of professionals benefit from our classroom working on Scaled Agile Framework, Agile Coaching, Kanban, Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master workshops. Besides, we also offer online program on PMI ACP and PMP.

Q: What Other Agile Scrum Certifications do you recommend?

A:Agile and Scrum are ever growing fields, there are different level of Agile certification, you can choose them as you go up in your journey. CSM is considered to be a starting point in Agile. The next challenge is to get an active role in a scrum team or start a fresh implementation in your organization. In both the cases, you would need a particular set of skills such as facilitation, team building, servant leadership, communication along with a deeper understanding of the scrum philosophy. Though, we try to equip you with enough knowledge and understanding to lead implementation in your organization; getting a structured training in few areas is always helpful.
Here is a table of different certifications and their value for an IT professional –

Certification nameBodyPurpose
CSMScrum AllianceGo for a Scrum Master role
CSPOScrum AllianceGo for a product owner role
SAFeAgilistScaled Agile AcademyScaling agile and scrum to bigger teams, enterprise level.
PMI-ACPPMIUnderstanding Agile from a project Manager’s point of view. Lead agile transformation in your team.
ASMScrum AllianceNext Level after your CSM certification. Takes you deeper in scrum framework.
CSPScrum AllianceCSP is like master’s degree in scrum.
KanbanLean Kanban UniversityKanban is an alternate framework of Agile. You can mix with scrum to create scrumban, leads the team towards better productivity.
PMPPMINot an Agile certificate, the PMBOK 6 has a limited flavour of Agile. Good for traditional project management methodologies

Q: How Do I Choose the best training for CSM in Hyderabad?

A: There is no one parameter for choosing the best training. Primarily you should look at these factors while choosing a training provider. If you follow this process, you will be able to choose the best institute for CSM certification in Hyderabad.

CriteriaAdd provider of your choice hereiZenBridge
Does the training provider regular learning opportunity for free or minimal cost?Yes, we do regular web and face to face community events
Do they help me design a certification path?We work with each participant to address their certification needs and design a path for them.
Does your training provider give access to a community after the training?Yes, we have the most active and vibrant Scrum User group in Asia. This group is open to all our CSM participants. We have close to 5000 active members from India who regularly blog and connect with other participants in the group.
Can they support me in meeting my future training needs?We have the most extensive agile product portfolio in India. All CSM customers get special prices when they join our other workshops in future.
Do they provide some pre-training material? What kind of content is it?We will offer you an eLearning program approved by Scrum Alliance. You will also receive a Scrum guide when you enrol for this course. To broaden your spectrum of knowledge, we offer you free program on Agile mindset and Kanban as well.
Do they provide career grooming?Getting a scrum role immediately after your training is critical for multiple reasons.

  • You get to practice what your learned in class.
  • Its helps you build the foundation of your agile career.

iZenbridge works to strengthen your portfolio, we give you a 50 interview questions explained by an expert. We also have scrum quiz to help you score better in preselection tests. If you need help with your CV we can support you there as well.
Besides, there are multiple communities which can support you in getting a role of scrum masters. All our participants are invited to join a private facebook group of Scrum masters in India.

Can I reach knowledge experts from provider to clarify doubtsYes, you can do it via phone / mail / forum and in face to face events.
Does the provider help in getting CSP (Certified Scrum Professional)Yes,We support you in getting next level of certification in scrum. We have support available till the level upto Certified Scrum Trainer.
Do they have mock tests for CSM?iZenbridge offers you 50+ Short quizzes and two full length exams to practice for your scurm test.

Q: Does your training cover agile methodology?

A: Scrum is one of the framework under Agile methodology and its used by 80% companies who are using Agile. This is a focused training on Scrum and the role of a scrum master within a team. In order to develop a broader understanding of Agile, we give you a complimentary program on Agile mindset along with CSM package. If you need further understanding, you may explore our free program on Agile and Scrum which covers the agile methodology in detail.

Q: How much each agile certification cost?

A: Here is a list of certifications and its price.

Certificate nameCost
Certified Scrum Master25000 -28000 including certificate
Certified scrum Product Owner25000 -28000 including certificate
Scaled Agile Framework20000-24000 including certificate
PMI ACP9000 for online training and upto 14000 for classroom workshops. Certification cost is $495.
Agile coachingThe cost of an Agile coaching program is around 35000 including the cost of certification.

Q: What is the average scrum master salary? Who are the best payers?

A: A scrum master salary would vary according to the experience and profile. As per Payscale data, a scrum master median salary in Hyderabad is around 1115000 Indian Rupees.
Scrum Master Salary

Q: How and where Do I access the scrum master interview questions?

A: You can subscribe to our Scrum master interview guide. It’s a collection of top 50 questions asked in a scrum master interview. We have created short videos explaining the answers in an easy to understand format.

Q: What is the difference between PMI ACP and Certified Scrum Master?

A: Both certificates are great and exist for a different purpose. PMI ACP is perhaps the most valued Agile certificate globally. Here is a brief comparison between both the certificates

Certification bodyProject Management instituteScrum Alliance
Content focusCovers the entire Agile methodology including the frameworks like scurm, Kanban, extreme programming, TDD, BDD etc.Focuses only on Scrum and goes in depth in the role of a scrum master.
Roles to expect after the certificationAgile project Manager, Project manager, Agile delivery manager etc.Scrum master, Scrum coach, Agile Coach, Scrum team member, Scrum product owner etc.
Exam DifficultyMediumEasy
Exam PatternObjective typeObjective type
CostAround INR 10000 for training and $495 for the certificationAround 25-28000 INR for both training and certification.
Training FormatBoth online and classroomOnly classroom

Q: Can I do certified scrum master certification online?

A: CSM is a classroom workshop. Time and again, Scrum Alliance has reiterated the importance it gives to a face to face interaction. Its mandatory to attend a two-day training facilitated by a CST, only they have the authority to register on for the CSM exam after you have completed the training. There is no way to bypass this rule, additionally you learn a lot by interacting with the fellow participants which is not possible in an online world.

Q: Do you provide CSM certification dumps? How will I clear the exam?

A: We offer you close to 50 Scrum Quizzes which are free and comprehensive. You can practice with these quizzes before going for the actual exam. Typically, our CSM participants score close to 90% or more in their exams and we have a 100% pass record.

Q: Which Agile Certification is best and why?

A: This is a subjective question. There is no clear one answer which can satisfy you. If you go by the rate of adoption, Scrum is used by our 70% companies for developing their complex IT projects. The latest state of scrum report suggests that 64% of the companies who are using agile recommend CSM or CSPO certificate to their professionals. PMI ACP and Scaled Agile Frameworks are also widely adopted in IT Industry, if you have plans to continue in scrum and create a successful career for yourself, then choosing multiple certificate is important.
That is the reason why we help you create a career roadmap, and suggest certificates which can help you in your career as you go up in the ladder. Typically, a Certified Scrum master certificated coupled with the Scaled Agile and Agile coaching works best in Indian IT Industry.

Q: How much is csm certification cost? Is there any cost breakup?

A: A certified Scrum master workshop costs somewhere in the range of 24000-30000, depending on the provider. The cost of certification is included in the workshop and its collected by the trainer only. The fee is deposited by the trainer when they submitted your attendance for the two days CSM workshop. The certificate comes with a two-year validity, after that you need to renew it by paying USD 100 for another two years. Two year membership of scrum Alliance is also included in this cost.

Q: What is difference between Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

A: Both PSM and CSM and globally recognized certificates. Here is a quick comparison to help you understand the difference –

Certifying bodyScrum
Mode of trainingClassroom/offlineOnline and offline both
Training mandatoryYesNo
Exam PatternObjective type questionsObjective type questions
CostAround 25-30K INRAround 25-30K INR
Renewal and validityValidity for two years. Then renewal of $100Lifetime validity. No renewal required
Community support in IndiaYes, an Engaged Scrum CommunityNot a large community yet.
Recruiter magnetYesYes

CSM Training Testimonials

CSM Free Practice Test

Practice of CSM questions can make your exam preparation complete, in our three step study plan we give good importance to practice step

Here are the 10 free questions which can strengthen your preparation and can help in identification of weak areas.

  • It’s a free test.
  • No time constraints for completing the test
  • Check your scores and explanations directly after test

Free Scrum Interview Guide

Have been struggling to get a satisfying scrum job? On an average, a recruiter gets more than 100 qualified applications for a Scrum Master profile in first 10 days of publishing the job. Needless to say, the competition is tough and a recruiter has a tough job to find the right scrum master for his open positions.

In this comprehensive scrum interview questions video guide, we have covered Top 50 Questions asked in a scrum interview, these questions are answered by Saket Bansal in a video.

Some of the popular scrum interview Questions Answered in this guide –

  • How Is Scrum Master Role Different From Project Manager?
  • How do you measure the maturity of your scrum process?
  • What metrics do you collect and why?
  • Share the retrospective action you have taken and what was the outcome?
  • How do story points work?
  • How would you introduce scrum to senior executives?
  • What would you do if your team is not interested in scrum ceremonies?

Sekhar is a technocrat, management consultant and an Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach has over 16+ years of using methodologies from Agile to Waterfall.

Upcoming CSM Classroom Trainings

Certified Scrum Master Training in Hyderabad (27 – 28 October)

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Certified Scrum Master Training in Hyderabad (24 – 25 November)

Lemon Tree Premier, HITEC City, Hyderabad
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INR 22500 19700+Tax, Available till 12th November

Certified Scrum Master Training in Hyderabad (29 – 30 December)

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