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PMP Practice Questions #13

You are working on a project which involves substantial documentation and content creation for user manuals and transitioning. Your baseline plan has allocated a budget specifically for these documentation activities. Recently, you’ve become aware of new AI tools that might enhance the productivity of the documentation and content creation processes. While these tools could offer improvements, they also might necessitate additional licensing expenses. Given this information, what should be your next step?

A) Raise a risk in the risk register to involve the appropriate stakeholders. 
B) Send an email to the Sponsor and ask for approval of new licenses.
C) Send your team members for the training on AI tools. 
D) Replan the documentation activity with fewer people, factoring in the use of AI tools.


Upon the project manager’s discovery of a potential opportunity in the form of AI tools to enhance documentation and content creation processes, various courses of action emerge.

Options Analysis:

Option A: “Raise a risk in the risk register to involve the appropriate stakeholders”, this suggests the project manager should treat the discovery of AI tools as an “opportunity risk.” By classifying it as a risk, the project manager is not necessarily viewing it negatively. Instead, the focus is on acknowledging that each new opportunity can bring uncertainties that need careful evaluation. Documenting this in the risk register ensures a structured approach to assess the pros and cons of this new tool. Moreover, involving the right stakeholders from the beginning ensures that the opportunity is evaluated from multiple perspectives, fostering a holistic understanding.

Option B: “Send an email to the Sponsor and ask for approval of new licenses”, this option is a direct approach. The project manager recognizes the potential of the AI tools and seeks immediate approval for their use. While action-oriented, this step can be premature. Approaching the sponsor without a full evaluation of the tool’s benefits, potential risks, and overall implications on the project might be seen as hasty. It’s imperative to have a solid grasp and analysis of the AI tool’s implications before seeking additional funds or making significant project changes.

Option C: “Send your team members for the training on AI tools” suggests proactively ensuring the team is equipped to handle the AI tools by proposing training. While forward-thinking, it’s essential to consider that dedicating resources, both time and potentially funds, without a prior detailed evaluation of the AI tool’s fit, could lead to unnecessary expenditure. The decision to train the team should be made after determining the tool’s relevance and alignment with the project’s objectives.

Option D: “Replan the documentation activity with fewer people, factoring in the use of AI tools” presents a bold approach. It proposes a comprehensive replanning of the documentation process, integrating the AI tools, and potentially reducing the team size. While this might seem efficient, it’s significantly forward-leaning. Directly moving to replanning assumes a final decision on implementing the AI tools without a comprehensive feasibility study, cost analysis, or stakeholder engagement. This can be risky, especially if the full implications of the AI tool integration are not yet known.

Given the detailed exploration of these options, Option A “Raise a risk in the risk register to involve the appropriate stakeholders” emerges as the most methodical first step. It encourages a systematic approach, ensuring that the opportunity is not only acknowledged but also comprehensively assessed with inputs from key stakeholders before taking any decisive actions. This mirrors best practices in project management that emphasize stakeholder engagement and proactive risk management.

PMP Exam Content Outline Mapping

BusinessTask 3: Evaluate and address external business environment changes for impact on scope
ProcessTask 3: Assess and manage risks

Topics Covered

  • Risk Management
  • Evaluate and address Environment Opportunities
  • Change Control

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