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PMP Q#15 – Long-term Product Development Direction

Q15. Which of the following can the agile team use to communicate long-term product development direction?

A. Release Plan
B. Project Plan
C. Product Roadmap
D. Iteration Plan

Let’s explore these terms: Release Plan, Project Plan, Product Roadmap, and Iteration Plan.

Release Plan: The release plan predicts what the team will deliver after a few iterations. It is a Medium-Term Planning to expect what the team can deliver in three, six, or twelve months. A Release Plan is not a direction because doing planning is not equivalent to the direction.

Project Plan: A project plan predicts how the team will complete the project within a specific time frame. In the case of the Agile way of working, the team elaborate this plan progressively. However, as it is a plan, it can only give a short-term direction.

Product Roadmap: It is a long-term direction to predict what the vision team can achieve over multi-years. A roadmap shows all milestones or releases that may come in between to achieve this product vision. It is a collaborative tool to bring alignment on the priority and the high-level goals. It looks like the right option to communicate long-term product development direction.

Iteration Plan: The iteration plan aims to predict which product backlog items a team can deliver in the coming iteration. So again, it is a plan, not a direction.

So, option C – Product Roadmap is a good option in this situation.

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