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PMP Q #28- Outputs of the Iteration Planning

Q28. Which of the following are the outputs of the Iteration Planning meeting? (Select Two)

A. Iteration Goal
B. Iteration Plan
C. Definition of Done
D. Estimated Product Backlog

It is a simple question, and options A (Iteration Goal)  & B (Iteration Plan) are easy choices. Therefore, you should be able to pick A & B. 

Now, if you are finding this question a little tricky, you need to study how these various agile meetings operate, their goal and what are their objectives or the output they generate at the end of it. 

For the  PMP exam, Iteration and Sprint are synonyms. So, for example, they may use a word that which of the following specific output of Sprint planning meeting? And they may use the word Sprint Goal instead of Iteration Goal. Similarly, the Iteration plan, Sprint Plan, and Sprint backlog are the same. So be aware of these terminologies, and then you will understand how these things work. 

Now, if you are still confused –

  • Why not the Definition of Done as the right option? 
  • Why not Estimated Product Backlog? 

Because the Definition of Done is an agreement for completing each Product Backlog Item. It is the checklist and creates a shared understanding of all items the team needs to do to mark each product backlog item as complete. So, before the team get into an Iteration planning meeting, they should have a Definition of Done. The Definition of Done is technically input to the Iteration planning meeting rather than an output.

Also, the Product Backlog is getting estimated in a Backlog Refinement Meeting; It’s not a one-time job; it’s a regular activity as the product backlog items are emerging regularly. Therefore, the team should not do Product Backlog estimation in the iteration planning meeting.

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