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PMP Q #44- Delivering Value Incrementally

Q44. Your project uses an agile approach. Which of the following technique helps in delivering value incrementally?

A. Phase End Review.
B. Deliver increment at the end of every iteration.
C. Deliver frequent Minimum Viable Products (MVPs).
D. Deliver value in Minimum Business Increments (MBIs).

This question discusses a tool and technique associated with incremental value delivery in the PMI lexicon and its terminologies. So you can pick the correct answer related to incremental value delivery. Let’s see the option and their definitions –

Option A – “Phase End Review” –  The Phase end review is unrelated to the incremental value delivery. Instead, it is about checking the progress of the project to see if it is on track. 

Option B – “Deliver increment at the end of every iteration” – It would be best if you deliver incremental value to the end customer as soon as possible. It could be the end of every iteration, and in some cases, it could be after a few iterations when it makes sense to the business. So, the iteration finishing and value delivery only sometimes happen simultaneously. It is not like whatever you are finishing in the iteration; it is getting delivered to the end customers all the time.  So before deciding on the correct option, let’s see if you don’t have anything else, we may come back to this option.

Option C – “Deliver frequent Minimum Viable Products (MVPs).” –  The Minimum Viable Product is the smallest collection of features you can include in a product for customers to consider it functional. When you have an idea for a product, you only have a little information, and you need something to test the hypothesis that customers will like it. MVP help to test this hypothesis. The  MVP might be your product’s first or second release because you primarily do it for learning, not necessarily delivering value. You deliver MVPs initially to test customer behaviour, observe how the product functions, learn from it, and then move forward. That’s the whole idea. So you don’t plan multiple MVPs releases. There could be some exceptions where you end up doing 2 or 3 MVPs. But for generic understanding, you can reasonably assume you may do the first MVP, and you will learn enough, and then you move forward to deliver value.

Option D – “Deliver value in Minimum Business Increments (MBIs).” – Minimum Business Increment (MBI) is the smallest value you can add to a product or service that benefits the business. So whenever the increment you built is good enough for a business sense, it’s a Minimum Business Increment. It will help if you keep delivering Minimum Business Increments to the end customer. It could be after each iteration or after a couple of iterations per business decision.

So option D is the solution to deliver value incrementally. 

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