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PMP Q #26- Day Planning

Q26. Which of the following assists an agile team in planning their day at work?

A. Iteration Planning
B. Release Planning
C. Daily Stand-up Meeting
D. Team Charter

Directly or indirectly, all four are influential in planning the day at work, which makes the question a little tricky. It would help if you found out what is the most and which one is the most appropriate for a given day. 

Let’s first explore all of these options – 

  1. Release plan – It s the Medium-Term plan for the team to see what they can release in three, six, or twelve months using a series of iterations. It forecasts the desired outcome for upcoming releases. Release planning might help us see all goals or what kind of work a team can do iteration on iteration; the team may plan multiple iterations in a day.
  2. Iteration Plan – The iteration plan predicts which product backlog items a team can deliver in the coming iteration. 
  3. Daily Stand Meeting – It is a daily ritual of doing Inspect & Adapt to see how the team is progressing to meet the iteration goal. It helps to adjust the plan for the next 24 hours. 
  4. Team Charter – It helps the team explore the team’s values, agreements, and practices. So, how you interact with each other is governed by the Team charter, which helps appropriately to do work. 

Now let’s see how these options influence a day at work – 

The release plan shows all goals the team needs to achieve iteration by iteration. The team generally execute a specific iteration and does Daily Planning for each day to see how the team is moving toward the iteration goal. Team charter help governs how the team works and interacts, which helps them do work appropriately.

So, the release plan influences the iteration plan, and the iteration plan influences the day’s work. And a clear indication is that team discusses day work in a daily stand-up meeting.  

So, option C – “Daily Stand-up Meeting”, seems the best option to assist an agile team in planning their day at work.

Whereas other option also may influence or helps the team in framing or creating what the team is doing on that particular day, the Daily stand-up influences the team’s day at work. 

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