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What is the difference between Leading SAFe and SAFe POPM?

SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) is a framework for scaling agile practices to large organizations. It provides a set of competencies, principles, and practices for implementing agile practices at the enterprise scale leading to business agility. Leading SAFe (also known as SAFe Agilist) is a certification program that gives a comprehensive overview of SAFe. This program is designed for organizational leaders and stresses a deep understanding of principles and practices.

SAFe POPM (Product Owner/Product Manager) is a role-based training program and certification which educate on two roles Product Owner and Product Manager. SAFe PO-PM educates participants on Product Owner(PO) role with details of activities done by the Product Owner at a team and program level, like Writing Epics, Features and User Stories, Preparing for PI Planning meetings and Prioritizing backlogs.

Our recommendation is if you are working as a manager/leader and Want to know about SAFe, do Leading SAFe. If you are working as Product Owner in SAFe, do SAFe PO PM.

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