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What is SAFe POPM?

SAFe POPM, or Scaled Agile Framework Product Owner/Product Manager, is a distinctive training and certification within the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). As one of the premier scaling frameworks for agile, SAFe assists organizations in implementing agile at the enterprise level. It offers a strategic approach to synchronizing multiple agile teams and provides guidance towards achieving Business Agility.

Within SAFe, various roles are defined to guide organizations in effectively organizing for value delivery. Two such roles, which are the focus of the SAFe POPM training program, are the Product Owner and the Product Manager, with the former receiving more emphasis in the course content.

The Product Owner role in SAFe involves collaborating with Agile Teams and stakeholders to define and prioritize the team backlog, ensuring alignment with business strategy and customer needs. This role demands an understanding of the customer, business value, and product development lifecycle.

On the other hand, the Product Manager focuses on refining the Agile Release Train’s backlog (a team of Agile Teams). They define the product vision and roadmap and work closely with business stakeholders to discover product features. You may find it beneficial to read our blog on the ‘Difference Between Product Manager and Product Owner’ for further clarity.

The SAFe POPM certification is primarily pursued by individuals aspiring to undertake the role of Product Owner in a SAFe context. The program enhances comprehension of the responsibilities of a SAFe Product Owner. You may also find our detailed blog on ‘Roles and Responsibilities of SAFe Product Owner’ quite informative.

The training for SAFe POPM typically spans two days, after which participants are granted a 30-day window to complete the examination. We regularly conduct SAFe POPM sessions, so please check our program schedule for upcoming dates.

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