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Can one do self-study and give the Leading SAFe / SAFe Agilist Exam without attending the training?

Leading SAFe/SAFe Agilist certification is a comprehensive program that focuses on the skills and practices required to effectively scale Agile beyond a single team. This certification offers several benefits to individuals working in the Agile domain, including improved job readiness, integration, professional development, and problem-solving skills. However, to become certified, it is mandatory to attend an authorized training program.

Self-study alone is not enough to earn the Leading SAFe/SAFe Agilist certification. Attending a training program is mandatory to get access to the certification exam. The training program is conducted by a Scaled Agile Partner, and the classes teach the curriculum content provided by Scaled Agile. The training program usually runs for 2 days or can be distributed across multiple days, with 14 to 16 hours of class time.

Once you have completed the training program, you will be granted access to the certification exam. The exam is of moderate difficulty and consists of multiple-choice questions, including some true or false questions. The exam is browser-based and can be taken from your home, but it is not proctored. You will have 30 calendar days from the completion of the training program to take the exam.

In conclusion, to become certified in Leading SAFe/SAFe Agilist, one must attend an authorized training program and complete the certification exam. Self-study alone is not enough to become certified, and the certification exam can only be taken after completing the training program.

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