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Where to give PMP certification exam in Bangalore

In Bangalore, there are two test centres where you can give the PMP certification exam. Here are the addresses of the PMP Exam Test Centers:

  1. Pearson Professional Centers-Bangalore 2 KAR Prestige Atrium, Unit 101, Ground Floor Central Street, Shivajinagar Bangalore, Karnataka 560001 India
  2. Pearson Professional Centers-Bangalore Pearson India Education Services Pte Ltd Pride Hulkul, 004B, Ground Floor No 116 Lalbagh Road Bangalore, Karnataka 560027 India

You can locate the PMP exam center in Bangalore by visiting: This website provides detailed information and assistance in finding the exact location for your PMP exam in Bangalore. Once your PMP exam application is approved, you can also conveniently schedule, reschedule, or cancel your PMP exam in Bangalore through the same URL.

Additionally, you have the option to take the PMP exam from the comfort of your own home. The online exam follows the same standards as the version administered at a test centre, ensuring the same quality and questions. It even includes a live proctor to maintain exam integrity. For more detailed information on taking the exam from home, you can visit the following link: Online PMP Certification | PMI

If you plan to pursue Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in Bangalore, India, consider enrolling in the iZenBridge PMP certification program. Our program provides a clear roadmap to simplify and streamline your path to PMP certification. We provide comprehensive support throughout your PMP certification journey, including expert guidance in exam preparation, assistance with the application process, and help in scheduling the exam.

iZenBridge provides valuable PMP resources to support your exam preparation in Bangalore. Take advantage of our free PMP resources, starting with our PMP Free Practice test. This test allows you to evaluate your readiness with updated 2023 questions that closely resemble the actual exam. Additionally, our 50 Agile PMP Questions tutorials offer detailed explanations of key PMP Agile concepts such as requirements management, value delivery, Agile Metrics, incremental delivery, and feedback. This tutorial clarifies important PMP Agile topics and familiarizes you with the questions encountered in the exam. For newcomers to Agile, these scenario-based PMP Agile questions are particularly useful.

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