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How to Verify PMP certification?

The PMI Registry serves as a comprehensive and current repository of PMI-certified professionals. This searchable online database enables users to easily verify the certification status of individuals holding PMI credentials, including the prestigious Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. The registry is accessible at the following URL: PMI Registry | Project Management Institute

Once on the Certification Registry website, you have the option to input Last Name (or both first and last name, if desired), Country, and optionally Credentials. It’s important to note that providing the country’s information is mandatory to ensure a more precise and focused search for your certification status.

In addition, if you provide only the country and credentials without specifying a name in the Registry, you will receive an approximate count of Project Management Professional (PMP) certification holders in that particular country. However, it’s important to note that this count should be considered an estimation rather than an exact figure. While it provides an indication of the number of PMP certification holders in the country, it may not be an entirely precise count due to various factors.

The PMI Registry is typically updated within one to two days after passing the PMP exam. This prompt update ensures that the Registry remains current with the latest information regarding PMP certification holders. It’s worth noting that certification holders have the option to choose whether or not to be included in the registry. If credential holders opt out of inclusion, their information will not be displayed in search results.

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