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Should I prepare using PMBOK6 or focus on PMBOK 7?

When it comes to preparing for the PMP (Project Management Professional) exam, one of the biggest questions that people have is whether they should follow PMBOK 6 or PMBOK 7. The PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) is a guidebook that outlines the standard project management practices that PMP certification candidates should be familiar with. PMBOK 6 and PMBOK 7 are the 6th and 7th editions of this guidebook, respectively.

The PMP exam is based on an Exam Content Outline that covers various topics. Some of these topics are covered in detail in PMBOK 6, while others are covered in PMBOK 7. Additionally, there are other sources that need to be referred to when preparing for the PMP exam. For example, PMI also offers an Agile Practice Guide that should be followed when preparing for the PMP exam.

If you are preparing for the PMP exam using PMI authorized training materials and taking an authorized training program, then you probably won’t need to study PMBOK 6 or PMBOK 7. The training program will cover all the necessary topics, and you’ll only need to follow the PMI-authorized content outline.
However, if you are preparing for the PMP exam independently, without using PMI authorized training materials, then you may need to study both PMBOK 6 and PMBOK 7. As of now, PMBOK 6 covers more topics, particularly in the process domain, but PMBOK 7 covers the people and business domains quite well.

If you are preparing for the PMP exam with us, you won’t need to study either PMBOK 6 or PMBOK 7. Our program has a collection of videos, Live Classes and Practice Tests, which make you well-prepared for your PMP exam.

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