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Can I do PMP without having the designation of Project Manager?

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is an industry-recognized credential for project management professionals. The Project Management Institute (PMI) has specific eligibility criteria for individuals who want to take the PMP exam, which includes a minimum of 3 years of project management experience for those who have a bachelor’s degree, or 5 years of experience for those without a bachelor’s degree. However, having the title of “Project Manager” is not a requirement for taking the PMP exam.

PMI focuses on the role of an individual in a project and the activities they perform, rather than their specific job title. As long as the individual has been involved in project management activities such as leading and developing teams, mentoring, providing feedback, facilitating requirement workshops, and conducting milestone reviews with stakeholders, they may be eligible for the PMP exam.

It is important to note that PMI’s exam content outline is based on the project management domains of people, processes, and business. Thus, as long as an individual has been involved in these project management activities, regardless of their job title, they may be eligible to take the PMP exam.

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