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What is the process of acquiring an ICP-ACC certificate?

The process of acquiring the ICP-ACC (ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching) certification typically involves the following steps:

  • Register with our ICP-ACC Training program, The course could be offered in-person, online, or in a hybrid format. Check our ICP-ACC page for upcoming sessions
  • Complete the training: Attend and actively participate in the ICP-ACC course. The course typically takes 2-3 weeks and covers various agile coaching competencies, tools, techniques, and mindset through hands-on exercises, group discussions, and simulations.
  • Assessment: The instructor will assess your understanding and demonstration of key learning objectives throughout the course. There is no formal exam, but you are expected to engage with the course material and exercises fully.
  • Certification: Upon successful completion of the course and meeting the assessment criteria, you will be awarded the ICP-ACC certification by your training provider. The certification will be registered with ICAgile, and you may receive a digital badge or certificate as proof of your accomplishment.
  • Continuing education: Although the ICP-ACC certification does not expire, staying current with the latest developments and trends in agile coaching is important. Consider participating in industry conferences, workshops, webinars, or local agile meetups to continue learning and growing in your career.

For more details on ICP-ACC, please visit our program page.

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